Sunday, August 26, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on August 26, 2012

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, hosted "CBS Sunday Morning" on August 26, 2012.

Rita Braver did a piece on same sex marriage, with special emphasis on issues in the state of Washington. See Fighting at the ballot box for the right to marry.

Almanac. August 26, 1920. The right to vote for women. Suffrage movement. Tennessee was the 38th state, to ratify, putting it over the amendment over the top. 73 and 17 women in the House and Senate, respectively.

Bill Geist on wood carving with a chain saw by Ray Murphy, a recycled story. See
CBS Sunday Morning on July 31, 2011
. Personalized belt buckle act.

Next interview of actress Rashida Jones done by Lee Cowan. Her brightness comes from sharing the stage with others. TV show "Parks and Recreation." Karen in "The Office." A role in "The Social Network." Mother is Peggy Lipton; father Quincy Jones. Quote: It's so hard to same normal. She went to Harvard. Frenemy of the State, comic book. Volunteer for the International Rescue Committee.

Summer camp for children with special illnesses by Martha Teichner. Founded by Paul Newman. "Hole in the Wall Gang" camp. Newman dated 8.4 million to the camp, which opened in 1988. Newman's daughter Lissy is involved in running the camp. Liam Talbot is a child (now 14, with metabolic and mitochondrial disease) was interviewed. The people at camp deal with the limitations of the children. The camp allows the children to be normal. Roxy Kubis with Beckett's lymphoma. Around 1/3 of the counselers at camp were once campers. There are 9 one week sessions in the summer. Ratio of staff to kids is about one to one. There is a tree house, thirty feet up in the air. Now, camp will see 20,000 kids per year. Budget of 10 million per year. Zach Stengel has hemophilia. One week of independence gave him confidence. Colin Lynch was counseler, who is also hemophiliac. The children have each other.

Remembering Phyllis Diller, just for laughs. Died at her home in Los Angeles. You get dry and brittle when you get old; I'm a fire hazard. My archenemy is Martha Stewart. Lines about Fang. She was born in 1917. Got her start in San Francisco. Appeared on Groucho Marx. Three movies with Bob Hope. Nobody's that sick. Was a classically trained pianist. She was 95 years old.

The Sunday Profile was on Glenn Campbell, done by Anthony Mason. Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, Illinois. Campbell diagnosed with Alzheimers last year. [This story is re-cycled.] His younger children, Cal, Shannon, Ashley, have joined him on his "farewell" tour. If you do it perfect, they will want it that way every time.
Campbell has to be reminded that he has Alzheimers. Campbell struggles with the present but remembers the past. Studio musician group "The Wrecking Crew." Backed up the Monkees in "I'm a Believer." Campbell filled in for Brian Wilson. In 1967, solo career took off on a Jimmy Webb song. The Smothers Brothers asked Campbell to do the summer replacement show for them. The Glenn Campbell Good Time Hour. A show with Johnny Cash. John Wayne visited back stage. Role in True Grit. "I looked so bad in it, John Wayne won an Oscar." I have been walkin the streets so long. Affair with Tonya Tucker. Met his current wife Kim in 1981. Ghost on the Campus album. Audiences are hoping he can keep the line open a little longer.

A Steve Hartman story on "painting the town." Town of Gloucester, Ohio.
Jim Cotter started by painting fire hydrant, guard rail, then houses. Over the last few months, more volunteers. First story aired in May 2012. Since then 260 people showed up and painted 17 houses. Don't wait on the government, a grant or outside money. The widower has found a fresh coat of purpose. The story is sort of re-cycled, but it is updated.

Lee Cowan on donkey (Democrat) and elephant (republican) symbols. Jackson called jackass. Image of strong willed donkey. Jackson adopted it. Thomas Nast provided Republicans with elephant in 1874. The Republican Vote on side of elephant. See How the parties got their animal symbols

Bob Schieffer in Tampa. Will he be covering a convention or a hurricane. Isaac.

Next week on Sunday Morning: a visit to central casting (a recycled story!)

Sunday morning. Spiriva Handihaler. Elephants in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Monkey thrown in.

Lee Cowan appears at the end of the show.


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