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CBS Sunday Morning on August 12, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning on August 12, 2012. Osgood mentioned Romney's choice of Paul Ryan [a grad of Miami University], with Jan Crawford covering. In the cover story, David Pogue reports on high tech thermostats ("A matter of degrees.") A high tech revolution in high tech thermostats. Second, Martha Teichner on Anish Kapoor. Third, Tracy Smith on the Bard in the Park, Amy Adams of Central Park Shakespeare. Delacorte Theater. Fourth, Bill Geist on Just my Type on typewriters, a recycled story. Fifth, Lee Cowan. Jim Reed. David Edelstein. Headlines: Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan. Ashland, Virginia. Jan Crawford will cover. Two small earthquakes in northern Iran. London Olympics. Heat wave in American West. Weather: a lot cooler in the northeast. Rain in the east.

Osgood noted the Republican convention opens in two weeks in Tampa, Florida. Jan Crawford observed the showcasing of the USS Wisconsin. Romney introduced Ryan as the next President of the US when in Manassas, VA. Ryan is a self-proclaimed "young gun." Janesville. Ryan's father died of a heart attack at 55. Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Ryan proposed Medicare reform for those under 55. Scott Angus of Janesville Gazette noted Ryan is a divisive figure.

Almanac. August 12, 1981. The IBM PC 5150 was introduced. Commercials with a Charlie Chaplin Little Tramp look-alike. Over time, Apple came to challenge the PC. Now desktop ownership is declining, as to other devices such as smart phones.

The typewriter segmented opened with Jerry Lewis in "Who's minding the store?" Story by Bill Geist. Bill Wall's Mesa Typewriter Repair Shop. Calligraph. Upstripe. Typewriter Renaissance. Brooklyn Flea. Like owning a musical instrument. Type-ins. Something romantic about writing on the typewriter. Student: I thought it was a new invention. You feel like you are a real writer. Ted and Tory. Hermes 3000, mint green.

Only at this point did the cover story by David Pogue on thermostats appear. Tony Fadell who did the iPod, transformed the thermostat. The Nest Thermostat. You can adjust your thermostat when you are not home. The thermostat can see when you are home, not home with a motion detector. It learns your schedule. The cost is $250.
ConEdison is putting the same idea to work on a larger scale. ConEd managers scan consumption and look for imminent blackouts. Adrienne Ortizo. ConEd gives these away for free BUT ConEd also has control of the thermostats. Big Brother is cooling them. Verizon also has a design. Phone to internet to house. Ann Shaub. Home Automation Services. She has 14 cameras in her house. Save energy, save money, save effort. With great technology, comes great glitch-iness. Software updates. [In passing, IPBiz notes that one can find a comparable story at fastcompany, titled
Why Nest Founders Tony Fadell And Matt Rogers Left Apple To Build A Thermostat. Also, IPBiz had discussed patent issues between Honeywell and Nest. See
Honeywell, Nest, and thermostats

Olympian honor. Forgiveness. Chip Reid does a story on Louis Zamperini, a recycled story. He carried five Olympic torches. In 1936, he made the Olympic Team for the 5000 meters. In WWII, he was a bombadier. Bob Simon did a 1998 story on the crash of the plane. He was captured and went to Execution Island. A guard nicknamed "The Bird." Zamperini survived and was featured on "This is your life." Zamperini went to a Billy Graham Crusade meeting. Zamperini committed a lifetime of forgiveness. Needed to see them face to face. Then, the book. Author Laura Hillenbrand spent seven years researching and writing her bestselling book "Unbroken," a moving portrait of a heroic subject, Louis Zamperini, now 94. Hillenbrand herself has chronic fatigue syndrome. She has been suffering for more than 30 years. While in Washington, Zamperini paid a visit to Hillenbrand's home. Forgivenesss is a real healing. [A commercial on unemployed veterans followed the story, but was quickly cut off. A RE/MAXX commercial appeared.]

Next, David Edelstein. Hope Springs. Transgressive? Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Steve Carell. Hope Springs, Maine. Kay and Arnold are scrubbed from anything dark. Mr. and Mrs. Bland. Kay and Arnold are strangers after 35 years. Hope Springs brings you into a mature person's relation.

Next, Martha Teichner on Anish Kapoor. Towering Ambition and the Tower, in London.
A lightning rod masquerading as a sculpture. Orbit, a 375 foot tower. Asymmetrical. Journey from darkness to light. Leviathan. Notions of origin. Primordial. Subliminal connections. Biological, sexual, mysterious. Turning things inside out.
Kapoor was born in Mumbai in 1954. "Ten year old boy written all over it." Red is darker than black; red is a color of terror. Gladstone Gallery in New York City. Chicago's Millennium Park. Cloudgate. The Bean.

Next Marvin Hamlisch. Died in Los Angeles at age 68. Met Barbara Streisand in orchestra pit of Funny Girl. Forrest Sawyer interview with Hamlisch. Scott Joplin music in The Sting. A Chorus Line in 1975. 6137 performances. The Spy Who Loved Me. Four Grammys. Last Wednesday, Broadway marquees were darkened in honor of Hamlisch.

Next, Shakespeare under the stars. For 50 years, the Delacorte Theater in New York City's Central Park has been doing Shakespeare. Tracy Smith. Some stages are more special than others. On the shores of Turtle Pond. Amy Adams. Unpredictability of the setting. Raccoons. Goose. Al Pacino. Kevin Kline. Meryl Streep has played Delacorte five times. Something about doing it outdoors. Bubble of magnificent story. Brainchild of Joseph Papp. In 1954, Papp founded the Public Theater. Interview with CBS in 1962. George Delacorte. Opened with The Merchant of Venice starring George C. Scott. Stanley Kubrick was there, looking to cast Scott in Dr. Strangelove. James Earl Jones was there. All 37 of Shakespeare's plays have been performed. Al Pacino accepted an award. Sam Waterston has performed 10 times. Playing the Delacorte has become a right of passage for actors.

Pulse. 74% have read something by Shakespeare.

Portland, Oregon. Lee Cowan. Keep Portland weird. StarTrek. Trek in the Park. Adam and Amy Rosska. Journey to Babel. Marge Rosko. Mayor declared StarTrek in the Park Month. They now get close to 1000 attendees per performance.

Nancy Cordes does Face the Nation. Newt Gingrich.

Next week. War on weeds.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. Home of burrowing owls. [Is between I-5 and I-10. Address: Route 2, P.O. Box 138, Yuma, AZ 85328 . Near by Blythe and Palo Verde, California; species not mentioned by Sunday Morning: desert tortoise, razorback sucker, bonytail chub, and desert pupfish.]


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