Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bob Schieffer in Tampa on August 26, 2012

How much rain will fall on Mitt Romney's parade? Schieffer talks with Marco Rubio.

Schieffer starts with Dave Bernard, a weather person at CBS-Miami. Winds of Isaac are 65 mph. Projected to become a hurricane later tonight. The bigger issue is the northern Gulf coast. [As to southwest Florida, see List of other closings in Southwest Florida ]

Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney to the convention on Thursday night.

Rubio noted: Obama cannot say "vote for me, because things have gotten better."
What grows the middle class is new jobs. The job of government is to make it easier to grow jobs. Confidence to invest

Schieffer hammers on: Romney has locked himself into extremist positions. Opposition to tax credits for energy. [There was a flaw in the tv presentation wherein tape was re-wound and a clip was repeated a second time.]

See President Obama Calls Romney's Ideas 'Extreme'


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