Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plagiarism by Michigan School Superintendent

Zeeland, Michigan School Superintendent Dave Barry plagiarized from a blog, and ended up resigning his post, but with a cushion of one year's pay. Text from Barry suggests that the plagiarism charge (which seemingly was accurate) was pretextual, a vehicle to remove Barry because of other things. One is reminded of the story of Glen Poshard, President of Southern Illinois University, who plagiarized in his Ph.D. thesis, from Southern Illinois University.

Details of the Barry matter can be found in School district will pay Dave Barry’s salary through June 2013, documents show from the Holland Sentinel.


After admitting plagiarism, documents show former Zeeland Superintendent Dave Barry will be paid $160,000, sheds light on reasons for exit

One commenter observed: The contract says "The board may terminate his contract for any or no reason by paying one year's [salary] and benefits."


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