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CBS Sunday Morning on July 8, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, July 8, 2012. The cover story "Life Goes On," is done by Barry Petersen. Second up, by Mark Strassman on War Refugees [recycled from October 23, 2011]. Third, Bob Schieffer on Brad Paisley [recycled from Dec. 11, 2011]. Fourth, "Just for Kicks" by Bill Geist on Miles City, Montana. Seth Doane, Mo Rocca, Steve Hartman. Headlines: yesterday was a scorcher for half the nation. Elaine Quijana noted triple digit temperatures. Deaths mostly among the elderly. Flooding in Black Sea region of southern Russia. Hillary Clinton speaking in Japan on problems in Syria. Syrian government is doing military exercies. Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Ernest Hemingway. Barney Frank marries partner; ceremony officiated by Guv Deval. Forecast: big heat becomes history later today. Sun and clouds to the east over next week. [It appears, once again, that many of the stories are recycles.]

Barry Petersen asks what's the secret to living longer life? How do bees think? Life span is quite changeable. Dr. Ellsworth Wearum is 93 years old. Becky Beck. Herb Weil works out at a gym. Gary Fraser studies 7th Day Adventists versus non-Adventists. Being a vegetarian, careful about body weight, eating nuts, don't smoke, and be careful with physical activity. Genetics. Neer Barsely at Alfred Einstein Medical Center on Askenazi Jews. Genes protect. How and why we age. in 2010, 72,000 centenarians in US. In 2050, projected to be 4.2 million. Gordon Lithgow, on Institute for Aging in Marin County. "Disease of aging." Bees have same. Drew Amden at Arizona State studies bees. How quickly does bee respond to scent. Restoring a youthful brain. Lifespan of bee is about 30 days. As bees age, they become foragers. Brain deteriorates. If returned to hive, their brains snap back. Bee deals poorly with loneliness. A social intervention can trigger proteins which heal the brain. Socialization alleviates stress. Watch out for stress.

Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, Calif.
Dr. Gordon Lithgow
Adventist Health Study, Loma Linda University School of Public Health
Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College
Amdam Lab, Arizona State University

Almanac. UFOs USA. July 8, 1947. Walter Haught of Roswell, NM issued a press release. Next day, General Ramey said it was a weather balloon. "The Roswell Report." Clip from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Cover Up Cafe.

Dressed for Success. Seth Doane on a Sunday Morning Success Story. Woolrich Company started in 1830; there were only 24 states in the US in 1830. Woolrich clothes used in Byrd Antarctic Expeditions 1939, ' 40, '41. [Note according to Wikipedia: Byrd undertook four more expeditions to Antarctica from 1933–35, 1939–40, 1946–47 and 1955–56. ] Rank Insignia on Marine Corps Dress Uniform. Sandy Watkins has 43 years at Woolrich. Woolrich now has fewer than 500 employees. During the Depression, Village of Woolrich. Nick Braden and Josh Rich. Corona Scheinfeld: update of Arctic parka. Pennsylvania Tuxedo. [Sheep grazed on White House lawn during presidency of Woodrow Wilson.] For a link: Woolrich: Part of the fabric of U.S. history

"Coming Home" by Mark Strassman. Luma Mufleh was born in Jordan in 1975. Clarkston, GA. [This story is a recycle from October 23, 2011. See
CBS Sunday Morning on October 23, 2011

Mo Rocca on "Cabin Fever." In 1840, Hard Cider and Log Cabin Candidate. Mo Rocca with Lincoln Logs. Students from Dartmouth College building a log cabin. Greg Sokol. Cross-haulers. Draw shaving. Scribing. Compass and level. Chain saw chaps. Titcomb Cabin, completed June 2012. [The original story was presented in Feb. 2012. See
CBS Sunday Morning on February 19, 2012.

Sunday Passage. Andy Griffith died on Tuesday in Roanoke Island. Born in 1926; grew up in Mt. Airy. Football. Deacon Andy Griffith. In 1955, No Time for Sergeants. A Face in the Crowd. "Andy Taylor" Rita Braver in 2003. Went off the air in 1968. Got Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

Steve Hartman on Fire Station One in Lansing, Michigan. Tony Tumminello. In 1953 at age 13, Tony first visited the fire station. From CBS Evening News on July 6, 2012.

Bob Schieffer on "a summer song" with Brad Paisley. There's a responsibility to making the thing worthwhile. Up to the minute social satire. Pot shots at reality tv in Celebrity. Barroom browser alcohol. "check you for ticks." Video on waiting on a woman with (the late) Andy Griffith. "how can I do this and not get caught?" Wheeling, West Virginia. Singer Carrie Underwood, duet Remind Me. Meal with Schieffer in Nashville: salad with strawberries. Actress Kimberly Williams. Video: I'm going to miss her. "Welcome to the Future." The man with a dream. 2009 performance at the White House. Why isn't that country music's job? [This is an updated version of a story from December 11, 2011.]

Pulse. Associate with summer? 80% said outdoor activities.

Bucking Horse sale in Miles City, Montana. Just for kicks, done by Bill Geist. Auction done since 1950. Rob Fraser. Dave Struller from Golden, Colorado. Horses from $350 to $4000.

Kevin Bleier on the Constitution. James Madison. Benjamin Franklin: I expect no better. Ginsburg: wouldn't use US Constitution as a model. Suggestion: Congress stay in session over the summer without air conditioning. Earn those fireworks.

Preview of Face the Nation. Jan Crawford (UChicago Law, 1993), new details on Supreme Court decision.

Next week. Sunday at the Shore.

Moment of nature Spiriva Handihaler. Redwood National Park in California. Roosevelt Elk.

[Note even the moment of nature is a recycle:
The Roosevelt Elk of Redwood Natl. Park
October 3, 2010
This Sunday Morning nature piece visits Redwood National Park in California that is home for Roosevelt elk, named for President Theodore Roosevelt.]

As to comment below, not sure the Woolrich story was a recycle.


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More summer reruns. As noted, Luma Mufleh and refugees, and log cabins. Also, Woolrich - 3/25/12. Probably more to come.

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