Sunday, July 22, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on July 22, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for July 22, 2012. The list of towns and cities associated with unthinkable violence expanded. Bill Whittaker, Bob Orr, Barry Peterson all discuss. Lee Cowan does the cover story. Soap box derby. Anthony Mason on Peter Frampton. Richard Schlesinger on Dale Carnegie. Headlines. President Obama scheduled to travel to Aurora, Colorado. Authorities gained access to apartment of James Holmes. Aurora police chief Dan Oates [footnote: Daniel Oates is a lawyer, a graduate of New York Law School, and a former NYC policeman]. Jim Axelrod in Aurora. Oslo, Norway. Ruppert Murdoch steps down from various boards. The statue of Paterno at Beaver Stadium was removed with a forklift. Adam Scott leader at British Open. Weather. Rain in midwest and south. Comfortable day in northeast.

Lee Cowan in Aurora, CO with Sunday Morning cover story. The impossible came true. 12 dead, 58 wounded. James Holmes is not talking much. Bob Snider, trauma surgeon. Midnight premier of Dark Knight Rises. Joshua Nolan. Century 16. Renewed debate over gun control laws. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Cowan: Nowhere is truly safe.

Almanac. July 22, 1930. Pedro Florez registered a trademark for yo-yo, which in tagalog language means come back. Duncan acquired the trademark rights. Grand Old Opry demo of yo-yo with Richard Nixon. John Weisenheimer, collector of yo-yos. Richard Schlesinger. A yo-yo with CBS logo featured at the end of the piece.

Mark Strassman on coca-cola. The bottle is an iconic design. Mean Joe Green. The contour bottle. Phil Mooney is Coke historian. 1886 in Atlanta. By 1910, just about all US covered by bottling plants. By 1915 lots of imitators. Chero cola, dixie cola, king cola. Deceive the public. So Coca Cola initiated a contest to identity a unique bottle. Root Glass in Terra Haute< Indiana. 6.5 ounce contour bottle shaped after coca pod. Introduced in 1916. Now 2 billion Coke drinks consumed every 24 hours. Bill and Cathy Combs in Baltimore collect Coke memorabilia. In 1990s changes in promotional work. Katie Bain notes now contour bottle appears in Coke products. Sometimes what's on the outside counts as much as what is on the inside.

Richard Schlesinger on Dale Carnegie, a recycled story. "How to win friends and influence people." Peter Handle is CEO of Carnegie empire. 8 million people have taken the course. Warren Buffet and John Boehner have taken the course. Common sense but not common practice. At a Dale Carnegie course, everyone speaks . $2000 for 8 sessions. Bernie Dix was sent here. I've learned how to pause before I react. I had rough edges. You don't close the door. Example: two people talking at the same time doesn't work. Carnegie started in 1912. Maryville, Mo. 1947 movie: Jiggs and Maggie in society. The man who is enthusiastic. The late Dorothy Carnegie shown in 1994 interview. Editor for Simon & Shuster convinced Carnegie to write book. Sold more than 30 million copies. Smile in an email. I'm having a great day. Courses are offered in more than 80 countries. "Richard, that's an interesting question." Pay someone to tell us to be nice to others. Parents have been giving that advice for generations, and for free.

Barbecuing and reading a book. Barbecuing story by Mo Rocca. In Miami, barbecue that will make you squeal. Roasted pig. De Rodriguez, high end Cuban barbecue. Jasmine rice, Caja China, the Chinese Box. Pig stays in box at a low temperature.
Jennifer Weiner, of the next best thing, on summer books. Chicklet themes. These Girls by Sara Pekkanen. Stacey Ballis, Off the Menu. Jillian Medoff, I couldn't love you more. michelle huneven, Blame. Leaonard Pitts, Jr. Freeman. These summer shelves offer something for every beachbag.

Rita Braver on soap box derby cars. Liam Donavan of Conshohocken, PA. Derby Downs; began in 1933. Jimmy Stewart narrates Winning Ways. Age 7-17. Derby expert Bob Troyer. Issue in 1973: cheating. In 1975, first girl winner. Girls make up 40% of the derby. Gabrille Bibble. Speeds average 30 miles an hour. Actor Corbin Bernson of LA Law. Helped out when Derby had financial troubles. "First Energy" corporation. "25 Hill" premieres tonight.

Bob Orr watching James Eagan Holmes developments from Washington. Smith & Wesson semiautomatic rifle. Kaitlin Fonzie, a neighbor of Holmes interviewed. Bill Whittaker in San Diego. Westview High School; UCal/Riverside. Tom Mai, neighbor. Camp Max Straus. Salk Institute. Michael Wellner, forensic psychologist. Increasingly isolated, alienated. The only norm he knows. In 2011, accepted to U Colorado Ph.D. program. Holmes now in Arapahoe Detention Center.

Anthony Mason on Peter Frampton (a recycled story). Frampton Comes Alive! Then, the biggest selling live album, ever. Plane carrying concert gear (and guitar) crashed. Lost my mojo. And how he got it back. Peter Frampton in Cincinnati. In 1976, Humble Pie. I don't think anybody is ready for the best selling album of all time. How do I travel this road. Ringo: I don't know, it's your career. Lost your cred with shirtless photo. Segeant Pepper's movie, a disaster in the 1970;s Frampton and David Bowie toured together. A musician's career lasts a lifetime. Fingerprints. Gibson, Les Paul. Frampton gets guitar back, and plays at Beacon Theater. Almost like: guitar saying you're worthy again.

Who Dunnit? by Steve Hartman. Flags stolen from cemetery in Hudson, NY. Vince Wallace announced reward. The culprits were not human. Woodchuck related theft. Channel inner caddyshack, rigging up flag with fishing line. [Recycled from July 13: Burrowing into a mystery: Who stole flags from veterans' graves in N.Y. town? ]

Barry Peterson has stories from victims in Aurora, CO. Alex was dead. Matt McQuinn jumped on top of his girlfriend, Samantha. Veronica, 6 years old, the youngest victim. A lifetime struggle to accept what they have lost.

Bob Schieffer. More from Colorado.

Next week on Sunday Morning. America's war on weeds.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Rocky Mountain National Park. Moose at Cub Lake. Eating in the water. [Note Moraine Park Campground: The 2.3-mile Cub Lake Trail leads to a lily pad–covered pond. ]


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