Sunday, July 15, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on July 15, 2012

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for July 15, 2012. "Sunday at the Shore." Gold Coast of Long Island. Charlie Rose started with a conversation with President Obama. Tracy Smith on tree houses. Third, Anthony Mason on the Beach Boys, a recycled story. Fourth, Mo Rocca on barbecues. Maurice DuBois did the headlines for July 15. Obama attacking Romney on outsourcing. FDA problem. Syria civilians killed. Hillary Clinton in Egypt. Bastille Day celebrated in France on July 14. Weather hot and humid.

Sands Point, Long Island, shown, but the first story was Charlie Rose with the Obamas. Obama on the White House: "This is rental housing." Obama: "This is going to be my last campaign." Obama: first stages of empty nest syndrome. Rose: where would you go? Obama: mentions India. Michelle: Mount Rushmore; French Quarter of New Orleans. Interview in Blue Room on affairs of state with both Barack and Michelle. Rose: you said you trust her completely but she is a mystery. Barack: I am happily surprised. I rely on her more than back then (1996). Rose: did this place change you. Michelle is 48. Michelle: this place magnifies the good and bad parts of you. Michelle: I'm impressed with his steadiness. Rose: what will be the accomplishment in the next four years. Obama: what's undone. How do we build an economy with a stable middle class. Which vision, mine or Mr. Romney's is more likely to deliver for those folks. Rose: he will say, let's look at your record. Let's look at your management of the economy. Obama: if I were in his shoes, I would be making the same argument. Rose: what happened to "hope and change"? Obama: what has frustrated me most in the past four years? I have not been able to change the atmosphere in Washington. Rose: you had confidence that you would be able to bridge the gap. Obama: politics trumps problem-solving.

Tracy Smith on tree houses. In a grove outside Seattle, Jack Jacob is cutting limbs to set up a tree house. Eric Seeley had a tree house at age 9. Ally Chung. A crow's nest with a trap door. Heidi Danelchick: a chalet in the trees. Bainbridge Island is in view. Suspended in the air held by two living things. Jacobs says, if done right, trees like tree houses. Temple of the Blue Moon. Peter Nelson runs Trillium, a tree house bed and breakfast. Tree houses legitimate form of architecture. Roderick Romero: nature is the architect. Did tree house for Sting in Italy. Pavorotti. Julianne Moore and Val Kilmer. Community Garden in East Village, NYC. Perspective we all want is as a child.

Lee Cowan playing with a ball. John Fox of Harvard bouncing a basketball. Son asked why do we play ball anyway. Fox wrote a book: "The Ball." Now a documentary called "Bounce." Clip from "The Natural." Clip of Cowan as an infant. Basketball Hall of Fame. John Goliva. The ball affects our brain. Intellectual benefit to playing. Cognitive and social skills are improved by playing. Dolphins prefer ball over anything else. Pharoahs. Mayans used rubber balls. Leather ball; pigskins. Orkney Islands. Football banned by English kings in the 14th century. Baseballs with sturgeon eyeball centers in midwest US. Clip of Babe Ruth. Bob Cousy. Houdini of the Hardwood. Picture of Obama with basketball. Sometimes things are just as simple as they seem, and just as timeless.

Michelle Miller on kayaking. Invention of the Eskimos. Kayak means man's or hunter's boat. Today's "extreme kayaking." Wet and wild. Eric Stiller, Manhattan Kayak Company. Paddle boarding. Use body in stroke for paddle boarding. The Hudson River poses its own problems. Tim Desmond is a kayaker. Back in 1970s, Hudson River was polluting. Amy Lynn, paddleboarder. Frea Hofmeister circumnavigated Australia. All your power comes from your core.

Mo Rocca on barbecues. Robert Moss. Book on Barbecue. Cooking method originated with Caribbean indians. Long trenches dug into the ground. Stump speech. Jack Walton of Oklahoma in 1923. Bear was NOT barbecued. Piedmont, North Carolina. Northern Alabama. Texas has four different styles. Kansas City. Kentucky. The matter of sauce. Vinegar Sauce. White barbecue sauce in Big Bob Gibson's barbecue in northern Alabama. The Most Divine Swine Scotts in Hemingway, SC sauce applied with a mop. Color, texture and appearance.

Pulse: 31% barbecue MORE than once a week in summer.

Faith Salie, on fishing. Mostly men fish. Tight lines. Why do dudes like fishing? Man vs. nature. Democratic activity. don't need to be tall or short. An excuse not to do much. Mono-tasking. Extended periods of boredom. Like dating. Meaningful bonding time. Baloney sandwiches in a bayou. Intimate time sharing. Metaphor for life. It's not fish they are after. Have fun and tight lines. One in eight Americans fish.

Serena Alschuler on croquet. NYC's Central Park. John Osborne. All England Croquet Club in 1868. Four wooden balls through series of wickets, and then hit stake. Jack Osborne, father, founded US Croquet Association in 1977. USCA. Champaign sport. Popular among retirees. Town of Annapolis. Rivalry with St. Johns. In 2011, St. Johns wore fake Navy outfits. Largest croquet attended event is the Navy vs. St. Johns game. Lots of drinking. Croquet became an Olympic sport in 1900 but was discontinued for lack of interest.

Anthony Mason: Summer Song on the Beach Boys. California Surf Rock. No American band has more top 40 hits. This summer they are on the road for the 50th anniversary of the group. Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and Mike Love had been touring with their own bands. First reunited in February at the Grammys. David Marks and Bruce Johnston. Grammy nomination in 1966, but Good Vibrations lost to Monday, Monday of the Mamas and the Poppas. Hawthorne, CA: Carl and Dennis and Brian. Four Freshmen Harmonies over Chuck Berry. Only Dennis actually surfed. Surfin Safari was released in 1962. Murray Wilson was the manager. Brian Wilson was the fragile heart of the Beach Boys. Brian: I was so afraid of my dad. I was scared of failing. In 1964, Brian Wilson suffered a nervous breakdown. The Wilsons took drugs. Rubber Soul inspired them. "God only knows." Beach Boys: Smile after Sergeant Pepper. Lyrics too obtuse? Without Brian, a nostalgia act. How does a 70 year old guy sound that good. The Beach Boys are trying to catch one more wave. You can let the past screw with your head for a life time, or you can say all we have is right now.

David Turricama on wine, in Paris. Enrico Bernardo. Paris: il Vino restaurant.
Collection of ten rose wines. The bouquet is most important. Monks in Provence made rose. Became popular after rail road was built. Mateus rose from Portugal. Cheap because not aged. What goes best with rose. fish, vegetables. Fillet of turbot. Puree of carrot, fennel and cucumber. 26% of wine is consumed with no food at all.

Bill Geist. Shore Thing. Sanibel Island. [This is a recycled story.] Competitive shellers at the Shell-e-bration. 400 species of colorful specimens. True tulip. Alphabet cone. Dottie Debayshur. Leroy Nightsell. Captain Joey Bernsed. Fighting Conch. High-low tide. Matt Aeson collects oyster shells of the oysters he has eaten.

Cowan on birthday of Woodie Guthrie. Born in Okemah, a small town in Oklahoma on July 14, 1912. "Going Down the Road." Populist bent. "Union Man." "This Land is Your Land." Died of Huntington's Disease in 1967.

Bob Shieffer. How low can the presidential campaign go.

Next week on Sunday Morning. "Driven" on cars.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Sunrise over Cape Cod. Birds on beach. Water over sand patterns.

Show ends with clip of Lee Cowan, unlike a typical Sunday Morning.


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