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CBS Sunday Morning on July 1, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday Morning for July 1, 2012. Celebration of the Fourth of July; Tracy Smith does the cover story on mosquitos. One million people per year die. Second, Mo Rocca on James A. Garfield. Third, Lee Cowan on Paramount Pictures. Fourth, Steve Hartman on "Shipping Out." Headlines: We're having a heat wave, especially on the eastern part of the country. Power outages. 13 deaths. Wildfires in Colorado. UN plan for Syria. In Egypt, new Pres took over. Voting in Mexico. Soyuz space capsule touches down. Alec Baldwin wed 28 year old yoga instructor. Big crocodile. As to weather, map showed 80s for east coast (dreamin'?)

The first story opened with a container of mosquitoes. "All the Buzz." Rockefeller Laboratory of Neurogenetics (head=Leslie ). Welts are body's reaction to saliva of mosquitos. Anopheles. Aedes Aegypti. Culex pipiens. Lindsey Biloni. People with higher levels of blood sugar are attractive to mosquitos. 700 cases of West Nile virus in US last year. Jorge Arias. Researcher and victim of West Nile. Kimberly King: eastern equine encephalitis ("triple E") virus. In 2010, just over 100 people died because of mosquito-related diseases. Lee County (Florida) Mosquito Control District is the largest in the country. Salt marsh mosquito is a strong flier.

Almanac. Silly putty. July 1, 1952. Trademark registered for "Silly Putty." James Gilbert Earnest Wright on "bouncing putty"; Life 1945. Peter Hudson marketed it as silly putty. A real solid liquid. Display at Smithsonian.
Wikipedia notes a dispute over the invention of Silly Putty:

Credit for the invention of Silly Putty is disputed[5] and has been attributed variously to Earl Warrick, of the then newly formed Dow Corning; Harvey Chin; and James Wright, a Scottish inventor working for General Electric in New Haven, Connecticut.[6] Throughout his life, Warrick insisted that he and his colleague, Rob Roy McGregor, received the patent for Silly Putty before Wright did; but Crayola's history of Silly Putty states that Wright first invented it in 1943. Both researchers independently discovered that reacting boric acid with silicone oil would produce a gooey, bouncy material with several unique properties.

Rita Braver on Joan Miro. Pictures filled with whimsey. Harry Cooper of the National Gallery for Art in Washington, DC. The Rut (1918) to The Farm (bought by Earnest Hemingway). Miro was born in Barcelona in 1893. The importance of shock.
Miro traveled between France and the Catalan countryside. Alex Susanna is director of institute in Barcelona. Fork piercing an apple. In 1937: The Reaper shown in Paris, along with Guernica (Picasso). A sort of ladder that unites earth with the sky. "The ladder of escape." In 1973 (at age 80) a series of burned canvasses. He died on Christmas Day, at age 90.

Nora Ephron story began with clips from Harry. Nancy Giles did an opinion piece on Ephron. "Love, Loss and What I Wore." Every four weeks a new cast was brought in. "Sleepless in Seattle." "Mixed Nuts." "You've Got Mail." Nancy thanked Nora for being a job creator.

Martha Teichner Sunday Journal on the Health Care Law. Hackensack Medical Center. Robert Garrett of Hackensack ramped up expansion plans. Under new law, reimbursements are being slashed. Consolidation is a way to deal with this cutback. Medicare covers 40% of Hackensack's patients. Cost containment is insignificant according to Robert Leschevsky. Medical cost per year is up: 8414 to 20,727 2001 to 2012. We can't afford this system anymore. Ann Kaufman Nolan of Hudson River Healthcare. The nation's 1200 community healthcare center. The Supreme Court gave states the right to turn down ACA. Clip of Mitt Romney: repeal ObamaCare.

Summer movie season by David Edelstein. Nobody needed another SpiderMan movie.
So-called reboot should be shunned. Merchandisable franchises. Then Edelstein says: I loved it. Andrew Garfield from the Social Networker. Garfield is high strung and simmering. Powers emerge in spasms. Emma Stone as Spidey's girlfriend. Second review: Magic Mike. How capitalism transforms sex into a soulless commodity. The stripper as master of the universe.

James Garfield, 131 years tomorrow Garfield shot at train station. Candace Millard, author. Presidency of a bleak mountain. Spoils system. July 2, 1881, Garfield scheduled to travel by train from DC to Massachusetts. Garfield hit twice. 12 different doctors probed Garfield. Dr. Jeffrey Resnick noted American doctors did not believe in Lister's theories. Robert Todd Lincoln was on the scene. Dr. D. Willard Bliss was summoned by Lincoln, and took charge. Garfield went from 210 to 130 pounds. Alexander Graham Bell summoned to find bullet. Garfield died on Sept. 19, 1881. President Garfield did not have to die. Use of antiseptics was accepted. Guiteau: it's the doctors who murdered Garfield.

Steve Hartman on Karen Grimord, who sends materials needed by wounded soldiers. Spends $40,000 per year on postage alone. Col. Luke Pittman comments on the value.
The clip on Grimord had appeared on the CBS Nightly News with Scott Pelley on June 29, 2012.

Lee Cowan on Paramount. Sunset Boulevard. Road to Utopia. Mary Pickford. Audrey Hepburn. Cary Grant. Brad Gray. 100th birthday party. Adolph Zukor, Queen Elizabeth in 1912. William S. Hart. Clara Bow. Andrea Callas, VP of archives. In 1929, Wings won the first academy award. Paramount went bankrupt.
Paramount did clever witty sophisticated films. Coming of television. Paramount brought in Alfred Hitchcock. Cecil B. DeMille. By mid-1960s, more problems. Then Robert Evans. Evans is now 82 years old. Evans did Love Story. Then Godfather. Evans has office 117 at Paramount. Mark Wanamaker. Mae West unit. The Virginia City set for Bonanza. Happy Days. Brady Bunch. Stage 18. Rear Window. Sunset Blvd.

Ben Tracy on Tiki Bars (a recycled story from 20 Nov. 2011). "The Book of Tiki." In 1934, Don the Beachcomber. In 1936, Victor Bergeron opened Trader Vic's. "South Pacific".
Zombie, Scorpion, Mai Tai. A lot of dark tasty rums and fruit juices.

Pulse: will this summer be hotter than usual? 51 (yes) 6 (no) 40 (same)

Bill Geist. Mentions that he has Parkinson's Disease. Bill says the Parkinson's is under control and his back is better.

Nora O'Donnell on "Face the Nation."

Next week: Bob Schieffer with Brad Paisley.

Moment of nature Pradaxa. Duke Farms in central New Jersey. Protected nature habitat.


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