Sunday, July 29, 2012

CBS "60 Minutes" on July 29, 2012

"It's only life. You do what you need to do." Austen and Muriel Metzger in Seminole County Florida appear again on "Hard Times Generation" by Scott Pelley, a recycled story. Jade Wiley was interviewed, and talked about Beth Davolos. 2/3 of the homeless families in Florida are living on the street. The longevity of homelessness continues to rise. Pelley sag down with the Coates family. Victoria and DeAngelo: security, lighting. WalMart, YMCA, hospital emergency room. Pelley commented: you do what you need to do. [There was no box to check for "living in car."] Orlando Rescue Mission. There is a ferocity that comes with being a parent on the street. Pelley noted the Metzgers are now in a home. Same for Coates and Wileys. 1 million was contributed to Beth Davolos' organization.

Second up was Morley Safer on Vincent Van Gogh, another recycled story. Steven Nafi and Greg Smith did a book, suggesting that Van Gogh did not commit suicide on July 27, 1890.


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