Monday, June 11, 2012

Secretary of Commerce Bryson alleged to be involved in hit and run

Secretary of Commerce Bryson, who followed Gary Locke in the post, according to CBS News has been cited in a felony hit-and-run case after allegedly crashing a Lexus into two vehicles in California Saturday evening [June 9, 2012], Los Angeles County police have confirmed. On Thursday, June 7, 2012, Bryson gave the Commencement address at Pasadena Polytechnic School.

Bryson has an undergrad degree from Stanford, and a J.D. from Yale Law.

The US Patent Office is within the Department of Commerce.

At the time of Bryson's appointment in 2011, Bryson's background in the business sector was asserted to be favorable for job creation:

"With nearly two decades as a CEO [Edison International] and having served in the leadership of some of America's top companies [director at Boeing and Disney], John Bryson has created jobs and understands what it takes for American businesses to innovate and compete in an increasingly competitive global economy," [Kate] Bedingfield said.

from Senator vows to block Commerce nominee Bryson

Bryson was a founder of the NRDC.


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