Saturday, June 09, 2012

Oliver North column Sikahema'd

A post titled Oliver North uses Maureen Dowd plagiarism defense concludes with the text:

There’s a different Memorial Day column by North on Fox News Insider now, one in which he visits the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., and is dismayed to see a protester wearing “dirty T-shirt, ragged jeans – and Gucci loafers.” (Talk about uncheckable facts — “Gucci loafers” were a meme used to describe lobbyists in ’80s-era Washington, when North famously served in the Reagan White House.) But the original column, as Farhi points out, isn’t hard to find on the Web. I found it, for instance, on

Update: Fox appears to have removed North’s column. It’s also vanished from

Way back in time, IPBiz noted the disappearance from the internet of a tirade by Vai Sikahema titled "Rutgers is Wrong."
He was complaining about Rutgers renewed efforts to build a football team, involving Greg Schiano. Rutgers never won the Big East, and Schiano left.

As to intellectual property, what will one do with internet references that vanish?

Update. Another Sikahema.
See Asus Tweet Stirs Controversy

he caption of the picture, taken from behind and showcasing the woman's backside, read, "The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO."

The post disappeared quickly, but not before screen grabs were shared on multiple sites across the Web and charges of sexism were lobbed at the tech company. Asus has since apologized and pledged to "take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again."


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