Saturday, June 09, 2012

Did "Glass House" copy from "Big Brother"?

Attorneys for CBS are arguing that people involved with ABC's "Glass House" improperly utilized information gained while working on the CBS show "Big Brother."

Yes, a nondisclosure agreement [NDA] is involved. In a post titled CBS adds new allegations against ABC reality show , AP notes

That would violate a non-disclosure agreement Rosen signed while working with CBS and could be a basis for blocking ABC from airing "Glass House," CBS' attorneys argue.

And, yes, there were deleted emails:

Rosen acknowledged in a recent deposition that he deleted emails after ABC had been warned by CBS that it would be sued, court documents said. It also alleges that Rosen directed a staffer to copy manuals he obtained while working on "Big Brother."

In a post titled Reality TV's Copycat Fight: Can CBS Stop ABC's Glass House? , TV Guide noted

CBS notes that 19 staffers on The Glass House once worked on Big Brother, including executive producer Kenny Rosen, and says all of them had signed nondisclosure agreements. The sheer number of ex-Big Brother employees proves that ABC is copying the show, CBS says, and will now have the ability to rely on the unique ways that Big Brother is produced, including the technical setup and story-producing process. "CBS has expended considerable time, money and labor in the development of these trade secrets," the suit says. Calling the actions "oppressive and malicious," CBS is asking for $500,000 for "each act of violation," among other damages.

On another problem with NDAs, see post
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