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CBS Sunday Morning on June 3, 2012

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for Sunday, June 3, 2012. Cowan discussed the boats on the river Thames for Queen Elizabeth. Mark Phillips does the cover story on the four day long diamond jubilee party for Queen Elizabeth. Second, Martha Teichner does "In Stitches," on clothes prepared for the royal family. Royal School of Needlework. Third, Lee Cowan on Jane Fonda. Confidence has to come from inside. Jane Fonda at age 74, on Fonda's third act. Steve Hartman on "painting the town," on Jim Cotter and Gloucester, Ohio, a recycle from CBS Evening News.
Anthony Mason on tailors on Saville Row (recycled story). Mo Rocca. Headlines: Zimmerman returns to jail in Florida. Leader of Syria blames foreign extremists. In Egypt, protestors. Hostages refuges rescued in Afghanistan. Bank robber in suburban Chicago. Chicago conference on breast cancer. Smart bomb killing cancer. Karen Houston (West Wing) died. VP Biden attended daughter's wedding. Weather: 80's in northeast.

Mark Phillips did the cover story on Diamond Jubilee pageant along banks of River Thames. Phillips notes "it's a royal story." Familiarity is a large part of what queens are about. Doing the same thing. Incredible thought of reassurance. Painting: The Thames. Historian David Starkey: it's a throw back sense to Elizabethan buccaneers. Diamond Jubilee Royal River Pageant. Paul Woodhead was a choirboy during Elizabeth's coronation, now in river pageant. She is an embodiment of British carry-on spirit. Queen has expressed doubts about that whole boat thing. In 1957, Queen on television. Of lows, none lower than the death of Princess Diana. Rachel Johnson. Grandchildren have re-invented the royal brand. Freud: no such thing as an accident. Voices in wilderness. Greg Jenner. The monarchy is a room that does not fit it with the rest of the decor. The queen as an excuse for a party?

The "almanac" clip began with a reference to the date Wednesday, April 17, taken from a clip from Dragnet. The memorialized date for the almanac is June 3, 1949, the date radio listeners first hear Dragnet. TV premier on 1952. Jack Webb as Joe Friday, badge 714. Cover of Time in 1954. Ended in 1959; re-started in color in 1967, with Harry Morgan as sidekick. Webb died in 1982; movie in 1987. Ackroyd and Hanks. Dragnet as a model for tv crime shows. Badge 714 is in LA Police Museum.

Back to London with picture of Queen. Then Martha Teichner. Holbein picture of Henry VIII, in gold. Hampton Court Palace. Lucy Worsley, curator for London's Royal Palaces. In 1539, Henry VIII took up embroidery. Susan K. Williams runs the Royal School of Needlework, located at Hampton Court Palace. Embroidery as art. Naturalistic silk shading. Stem stich. French knots. Black work with black thread. In 1872 Lady Victoria Wellby, keep hand embroidery alive. Queen Victoria was school's patron; Princess Helena. Embroidery made with 18 kinds of gold thread. Kirsten Fitzgerald is a student now. There is a three year degree course. In Henry VIII's time, embroiderers were all men.

Gerswhin's Porgy & Bess. Mo Rocca. Summertime is one of the most recorded tunes. The story of star-crossed lovers living in Charleston. Audra MacDonald stars as Bess. Norm Lewis as Porgy. An urban ballet. Folk opera: appeal to the many, rather than the cultured few. Robert Kimball is an expert on Porgy & Bess. Diane Paulus is the show's director. Her revival is 2.5 hours, not 4; less like an opera. Steven Sondheim: disdain. In 1935, the version had racial epithets. In 1936, controversy in Washington. Leontyne Price. In present production, Bess has a nasty scar.
Gershwin died at age 38, less than 2 years after he wrote Porgy & Bess.

Cowan on recall issue with Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Dean Reynolds has Sunday Journal on Walker. World of Beer Festival in Milwaukee. Congresswoman Moore. Christine Christie gathered signatures for recall. Amy Kramer, Tea Party. Tom Barrett is Walker's opponent. Wisconsin as a political weather vane.

Anthony Mason on Savile Row. In 1969, Michael Caine in The Italian Job. Royal family has military uniforms done here. Chittleborough. Bespoke. Angus Cundy. Henry Poole & Company set up in the 1840s. Suit is 3000 pounds; $5000. 120 books dating from 1846. Charles Dickens. Buffalo Bill Cody. 1936 suit for Winston Churchill. Poole & Company has royal warrant for uniforms. 14 stitches to the inch hold gold lace. Armani: Savile Road--bad British comedy. Richard James. Americans account for 40% of Poole's business. [recycled story]

Cowan noted the Queen is not wearing her crown during the boat festival. Story: A Girl's Best Friend done by Michelle Miller. Costco sold 100,000 carats last year. 90% of all diamonds pass through 47th Street in New York City. 120 carat blue diamond.
GIA. cut clarity carat weight. John King.

Lee Cowan mentioned On Golden Pond. Sunday Profile done in Hollywood Hills. In Cannes last month, she stole the show. HBO drama: The Newsroom. Life as an arc. Over the hill, but look at these other hills. "Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding." Person to Person in 1960. Barbarella in 1968. Roger Vadim. All the hair was hers. Got Oscar for Klute. Allan Pakula. Hire Faye Dunaway. Francis Brokaw, mental illness. With Henry in "On Golden Pond."
Protest movement. 1972 to Hanoi. Sitting on anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi, smiling. Husband Tom Hayden. Bulemia.
Workout videos. Husband Ted Turner; married for ten years. Monster-in-Law. Book Prime Time. Richard Perry.

Opinion. Lauren Daisley. Husband is British. Why do Brits idolize the queen? Just this once, I've filled it [coffee mug] with tea.

Painting the town by Steve Hartman. A recycled story on Gloucester, Ohio.

Next week. Charlize Theron.

Moment of Nature. HandiHaler. England's New Forest, now a national park.


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