Sunday, June 17, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on June 17, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Father's Day, June 17, 2012. Osgood mentioned that the man was the do-er and shaker, but now not so much. Susan Spencer does the cover story about what's going on with men. Is it still a man's world? Lee Cowan discusses Sargent Shriver as a father. Third, Mo Rocca on "Family Guy." Seth MacFarlane. Fourth, Bill Geist on father of the bride (recycled from 25 Sept. 2011). Rita Braver, video games;Norah O'Donnell; Steve Hartman at a restaurant. Headlines: UN suspends mission in Syria due to violence. Voting in Egypt and Greece. Rocket launched from Gobi Desert, China. High Park fire in Colorado. Nick Wollenda at Niagara Falls. Weather: Warm in the west; perfect in the east. Summer begins on Wednesday.

"A Man's World?" by Susan Spencer. Summer break at Kenyon College. Dean Jennifer Delahunty's opinion piece in the New York Times that women are going better than men at college. Lower enrollment is not at 43.5%, the lowest in decades. Michael Kimmel, sociologist. Boys think that academic disengagement is a sign of masculinity. 70% of valedictorians are girls. The economy is now service-based, not action-based. 66% (women) vs. 59% (men) on valuing high money careers. "To all the girls I've rejected" in Delahunty's op-ed. Liza Mundy, "The Richer Sex." Men not judged on ability to generate a salary. Opened up the definition of what a man is supposed to be. Sneider on "stay at home fathers," which are on the rise. Our schools have been geared to students who can sit still for long periods of time. Self-control, communication, expressiveness, are qualities rewarded in school, and they are qualities more associated with girls. Advice: teach them honor, self-management. Throw boys will be boys out the door.

Almanac. Amelia Earhart, first women passenger to cross Atlantic, June 17, 1928. Separately, 75 years ago this month. Earhart and Fred Noonan, round the world. New information on Earhart from TIGHAR. Nikumaro Island. Anti-freckle cream found.

"Name of the Game," on video games by Rita Braver, a recycle from March 18, 2012. The Smithsonian American Art Museum. Director Betsy Broom. The Art of Video Games. One time: 6 million game copies sold in one day. Images resemble moving paintings. M. C. Escher. Video games are interactive. Chris Melissinos is curator. 1970s-1980s games. PacMan in 1981. Women now represent 40% of gamers. Criticism of video games as too violent. Game: 2010 Violent Rain.

Sunday Profile: Mo Rocca on Seth McFarlane. Just keeping my brain challenged and stimulated and on it's toes. In 2009, highest paid tv producer. American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Family Guy. Fictional Rhode Island family. McFarlane voices Peter, the father; Brian, the dog; and Stewey. His head is correlated the voice. The initial evacuation was difficult. TV show based on his thesis in 1995, related to The Simpsons. Mashup of culture. Rapid fire reference to show biz. Rifs disconnected to the plot. Characters break into song at random. Family Guy is most popular scripted show among men 18-24. Fart jokes. At age 2, started drawing Fred Flintstone. Walter Crouton; strip shown in Connecticut. Family Guy at age 23. "What I enjoy are things that scare me a little bit." The comedy Ted. And Cosmos, Carl Sagan. Seth talks about a systematic rejection of science. Date with Helen Mirren??

Allan Pizzi gives a Sunday Journal on voting in Egypt for the two candidates. The genie is out of the bottle. Invisible ink on ballots? Muslim Brotherhood. Clarissa Ward in Athens. Must stop feeling the terrorism of the market. Greece debt: 547 billion dollars. Nearly 1/4 of Greeks are unemployed. There is no quick fix to Greece's economic problems.

Norah O'Donnell on Marco Rubio. Tea Party hero. Personable and unflappable. "The Tea Party Senator." Pro-life. ObamaCare should be replaced. Grew up in West Miami. His parents came from Cuba in 1956. Father was a bartender. Purpose in life: give children opportunities they never had. Got a law degree. Seat on West Miami city commission. Victory: getting trees planted on a street. Served in Florida State House of Representatives. Issue of "when" family fled Cuba. Use of Florida Republican credit card. Rubio was up against Charlie Crist. Wife Jeannette against quitting: Once we start something, we do it. The hug Crist gave to Obama. Rubio comes home on weekends. Rubio born Catholic, briefly Mormon, then Catholic; now goes to Baptist church. Rubio's new autobiography. Obama's recent easing of deportation rules undercut legislation Rubio was planning to unveil. Hispanics are worried about more than immigration. 67 to 24%, Obama over Romney among hispanics. Segment ends at a bakery in West Miami.

Steve Hartman on Keith Harris, Down's Syndrome. Albuquerque. Son Tim owns his own restaurant. Tim is the front man for this family restaurant. On the menu: "A Tim Hug." Restaurant is "Tim's Place."

JFK named his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver head of Peace Corps. Clip with Mark Shriver at homestead in in Union Mills, Maryland, near Gettysburg, PA. "Could anybody be as good as he seemed to be?" Book: "A Good Man". Sargent married Eunice Kennedy in 1953. The idea of difference; the Shrivers were different. Shriver was an idealist; war on poverty. Called Shriver a Boy Scout, an in-law. Got to go internal to go eternal.

Bill Geist on the marriage of his daughter Libby. Weddings have a way of getting out of hand. Thousands of decisions to be made. Wallet open; mouth shut. Mr and Mrs. Wildes. Libby's dog Barkley led the procession. [Earlier story updated with a pregnant Libby.]

Pulse: 70% say harder to be a father.

Luke Burbank, opinion: Luke was a father as a senior in high school. Fateful night after the junior prom. Terrifying realization that there is no handbook. Fake it until you make it. Burbank's daughter is now 18. Gabby Rodriguez has no idea of what she missed out on.

Next week on Sunday Morning: the money issue.

Moment of Nature (Spiriva Handihaler ): Valley of Fire State Park, north of Las Vegas. Shot of a ram.


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