Sunday, June 10, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on June 10, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for June 10, 2012. Summer solstice is 10 days away. Neighbors are not always friends. Rita Braver on the Sunday morning cover story on the Hatfields and the McCoys. Second, John Miller on New York's Plum Island. Third, Lee Cowan on Charlize Theron, on Huntsman. Fourth, Tracy Smith on tap dancing, Vickie Reardon, "stepping out." Fifth, Mo Rocca, Steve Hartman, Anthony Mason. Headlines: Hosni Mubarak is near death in prison hospital. New reports of violence in Syria. 17 nations that use the Euro may loan Spain money. Little Bear fire in New Mexico. 18 year woman dies in Yellowstone. Belmont: Union Rags wins by a nose. Weather: stormy from Plains eastward.

Rita Braver talks to real McCoys, Hatfields. Jimmy Hatfield Wolford was interviewed by Rita. WVU Professor Bill Richardson gave background. Asa McCoy fought for the Union and was murdered in 1865. Next battle happened in 1878 over a hog. The main witness for the Hatfields in the subsequent trial was murdered. In 1882, Devil Anse Hatfield's brother is murder. New Year's Eve in 1887. Walter Cronkite appears in 1955 in a re-enactment. Bad Frank Philips is hired to round up the Hatfields. Battle of Great Pine Creek. History Channel covered the battle. Pawpaw Tree Incident.

Almanac. June 10, 1891, the birthday of Al Dubin. Tiptoe throw the tulips. With Harry Warren, 42nd Street. Ruby Keeler. The Gold Digger film series (Gold Diggers of 1935, with lullaby of Broadway). Dubin died in 1945. Jerry Orbach at the Tony Awards. Osgood puts in a plug for the Tony Awards on CBS on June 10, 2012.

Tracy Smith on stepping out. Ford Theater in Harrisburg, PA. Vickie's tap club. Vickie Reardon opened a school as a teen, but gave up her school to be a mom. Then a bad divorce. Vickie thought husband was going to kill her. Tap Pups. Encore Performance, a book published by Simon & Shuster. People realizing childhood dreams. A yearly show at Harrisburg Forum. Living out a childhood dream in middle age, and beyond.

Foot and mouth disease vaccine developed at Plum Island, controlled by Dept. of Homeland Security. USDA studies diseases than can impact livestock. Marvin Grubman and Luis Rodriguez. Althea Sadicky put plum island on a list of sites to terrorize. Foot and Mouth disease. Grubman has worked on the Island for over 30 years. In 1971, animals were kept in outdoor pens. Book, Lab 257 by Michael Carroll (lawyer). Bio containment facilities pictured in 1999. Carroll talks about facade improvements. Montauk Monster. UFO Digest. The more secrecy, the more people invent stories. Carroll: Lyme Disease fostered on Plum Island? Thurlan Fish of Yale University criticized Carroll's hypothesis. Borrellia. Black legged tick. But, Plum Island is in serous need of improvements. Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Facilities to be moved to Manhattan, Kansas. Swapping capsets. See Island Fever from 2004

(...)SUNDAY PASSAGE: Ray Bradbury

Steve Hartman recycles his story "The Longest Wait" on Billie D. Harris from CBS Evening News. This version is a little more critical of Congressman Thornberry. Peggy Harris is the last widow who still visits Normandy. Place Billie D. Harris in Lesvent, France.

Charlize Theron in 2003 movie Monster. Lee Cowan does Sunday Morning Profile on Charlize which is a recycle of sorts of an earlier story on December 4, 2011.. If you come with your own agenda and your own ego, you can't make a good movie. Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman. North Country in 2005: portrayed a miner. Theron: a lot of it is a mystery to me. At 15, she saw her mother shoot, and kill, her father. Her characters are not victims. At 36, her life is where she wants it. Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. In March, she adopted. Theron: there is no recipe; it's all a stroke of luck sometimes.

Ben Stein. In 2008, federal guv made a huge mistake on Lehman Brothers. Now, another mistake is going to be made on Greece. If Greece, Spain, Italy default, the US banking system will be hit hard. The US needs to get involved. IMF should support Athens. A Marshall plan for our times. Get out of the fear and into the sunlight.

Mo Rocca does a piece on the gypsy robe related to Broadway. "And the show is blessed." This season the robe was awarded thirteen times. David Westphal is the keeper of the robe. He speaks with several Actors who have worked on Chorus contracts, including the legendary Chita Rivera and Ms. Brooks-Dunay. They reveal their pride as a member of the Chorus, and their early inspirations to make the stage their career. More than a dozen Actors participated in the taping several of whom will be shown in the segment. The Actors include: Cameron Adams, Adrian Bailey, Jessica Bishop, Florence Brooks-Dunay, Jennie Ford, Jean Michelle Grier, JoAnn Hunter, Richard Korthaze, Brian O’Brian, Chita Rivera, Judine Somerville, Tad Wilson, and David Westphal, Equity’s National Chorus Business Representative and former Chorus Actor. From BroadwayWorld. Call Me Madame; Guy and Dolls. 23 robes exist, including two at the Smithsonian.

Next week. Animator Seth McFarland. Family Guy.

Moment of nature. Normandy beach.


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