Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Rhodium Nights" season finale on May 23

The deceased victim got a lethal overdose of scopolamine.  The victim had silicone breast implants, and the serial number was tracked.  Maggie Murphy is the victim.  There is a videotape.  1PP wants the District Attorney's office to handle the investigation.  Cragen:  we play our cards close to the vest.

"Clayton Hannigan " notes that the Secret Service had to escort guests from the party.  Clarissa toys with "Nick Amaro."  Bart Ganzel is the booker for escorts such as Clarissa.  Cassidy, an undercover cop, punches Amaro.  Amaro to Cassidy:  you and Ganzel were cutting out just as we got there; someone tip you off?  Ganzel's lawyer noted Ganzel was contracted to provide entertainment for the bachannal.  Anya Solar flew back to Colombia, 6 hours after Maggie died.  Anya used to work for Delia Wilson.  Clarissa to Amaro:  I think you need a friend.    Olivia figures that Ganzel is going to go after Delia Wilson.  Olivia and Amaro interview Delia at a farm, where Delia is bottle-feeding a goat.  Cragen gets photos put under his door, which show him with another woman (actually on a case).  Then a former governor ends up dead, with his pants unzipped but on backwards.

The ex-governor's assistant is interviewed.  The ex-governor was getting a massage when he died and was naked.  Governor Fletcher was with his Asian masseuse.  He had 200 mg of an erectile drug in his system, and scopolamine.  Yuko Sakura  says the governor was already dead and naked. Marvin Exley, lawyer, comes in to defend Iris, another assistant.  Iris declines his representation.   Iris informs on Delia.  Olivia and Amaro arrest Delia.  Bail is set at 2 million.  Exley put up his own townhouse for bail.  Exley notes she has avoided arrest for last ten years.  Exley: walk away little people.  Clarissa talks to Amaro about Maggie getting caught.  Amaro gives Clarissa his card.  Cragen wakes up in bed with blood on his hand and a dead girl in the bed.  Episode ends.


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