Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Prostitutes advertising on Twitter

KYW Philly channel 3 had been running a promo about how hookers were entering the lives even of your children, without explaining the "how."  When the story aired on the 11pm news slot on April 30, 2012, it quickly became apparent that the story was about prostitutes advertising / soliciting on Twitter.

KYW asked Twitter for comment:  The I-Team reached out to Twitter last week for comment and again on Monday [April 30], and we haven’t heard back..  [The Philly Inquirer got faster results when it phoned University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann about the Doug Lynch matter.]

This "use" of Twitter evokes Clayton Christensen's The Innovator's Dilemma, wherein the new means of "advertising" would count as disruptive technology.  

See the link  

Twitter: A New Hideout For Hookers?


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