Tuesday, May 01, 2012

NCIS: Playing with Fire

Toby Abbott, mechanic, is a suspect, after he is burned to a crisp on the USS Brewer, via a thermite fire.  Lieutenant Ramsey is collateral damage.

Special Agent Burley is in Naples, Italy, checking out the USS Benjamin Franklin, a nuclear aircraft carrier, and finds a thermite explosive device.  [There is no Benjamin Franklin aircraft carrier.  There was a USS Franklin carrier at the end of World War II.]

There is an issue of a message coded in Korean.  The trick was the message was a transcription from keyboard.

Tony, Zeva, and Burley go to Naples to the Franklin.  The real thermite device is replaced by a fake.

Andre Fullerton is the next suspect.  Harper Dearing is a corporate executive (Dorado Investments) who is the suspected mastermind of the terrorism.  Vincent Maple is the president of the company, and has not seen Dearing for over a year.

The episode ends with a picture of Dearing posted on the wall.  


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