Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Derivative plagiarism

Within an article titled Vietnamese researcher plagiarizes 7 papers , one finds the text

One day later, Journal of Modern Physics took down another article under the duo's names, Studying Cosmological Time Variability of the Fine-Structure Constant from the Analysis of Quasar Spectra, as substantial portions of the text came from Thong’s former writing that had been retracted by another journal, due to plagiarism.

Also within the article:

He reveals that Thong even confidently announced he had invented a brand new method in this field, which he named after himself – the ‘Thong Method’ – and has recently been deemed “wrong” by Prof Pierre Darriulat, a leading French physicist who has been a corresponding member of the French Academy of Sciences since 1986 and is now working at the Hanoi University of Science.


Within the article Researcher plagiarizing 7 papers blames instructor, research environment

He [Thong] quit the institute upon its request two years later, following the organization’s reception of notifications of his plagiarism from several international journals.

Three of the five scientists, including Dr Giao and Thong’s wife, who were named co-authors of the plagiarized papers have recently asserted that the researcher had added their names to the articles without their approval. The other two have yet to give any comment on this plagiarism case.

He had done so without their consent, Thong admitted, further explaining he gave them credits because they had made major contributions to the retracted papers.

Dr Giao was given co-authorship simply because he was his instructor then, Thong noted.

“He actually gave me no guidance or instruction at all,” Thong said.

Dr Giao was a liar when saying that Thong had used the instructor’s email for personal purposes in a recent interview with Tuoi Tre, he added.

The plagiarist also revealed that he had had one more article retracted by another international journal in 2009, apart from the above seven.


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