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CBS Sunday Morning on May13, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Mother's Day, May 13, 2012.  With cards and flowers, we honor mother.  Tracy Smith does the cover story on breasts, the most vulnerable organ to cancer.  Seth Doane gives a bird's eye view of Venice.  Thousands of pigeons on St. Mark's Square.  Lee Cowan on Joplin, Mo, after the storm.  Ruben Carter, a gas station attendant.  Susan Spencer on "who is Alex Trebek?"  Rita Braver on a new home for art.  Mo Rocca on Shawn Johnson.   News:  Students at Boston University held a vigil.  Mitt Romney at Liberty University.  Rahmani gunned down in Kabul. [  Mawlawi Arsala Rahmani]  Two US drone strikes in southern Yemen.  Weather:  soggy mother's day for most of the country.

Tracy Smith starts out with images of Madonna, breast feeding.  How long have breasts been on artist's minds.  Beth Rosenburg.  Florence Williams wrote a book on breasts.  Breasts as sexual signals?  Song from Best Little Whorehouse.  Raquel Welch.  Mary Catherine Langhammer at Top Drawer Lingerie in Houston, Texas.  Bras you could blow up with a straw.  Breast implants.  Timmy Jean Lindsay in 1962, silicone breast implant number 1.  She still has the implants.  She is still happy with how they look. No health problems.  But, statistically 1 in 5 have problems within ten years.  Breast cancer.  Marissa Weiss is a doctor that specializes in breast cancer.  Breasts as sponges for toxins.  Women who have not carried a baby to term are more susceptible to cancer.  But having a child is no guarantee.  1.3 million cases worldwide.

Almanac.  May 13, 1930.  Hailstorm in Texas killed J.C. Clack, near Lubbock (Levelland, TX).  Hailstone size of baseball will hit ground at 130 miles per hour.  Biggest hailstone 1 pound 15 ounces with diameter of 15 inches.

Dr. Albert Barnes collection of art discussed by Rita Braver.  Greatest Cezanne collection in the world, including The Card Players.  Valued at 25 billion dollars.  Moving to Philadelphia, PA.  Albert Barnes made a fortune in pharmaceuticals.  Not well received when opened in 1923.  Julian Bond was interviewed.  The purpose was to instruct people in art appreciation.  Lincoln University got the power to appoint trustees.  Barnes died in a car crash in 1951.  Sunday Morning reported on issues in 1993.  Derek Gillman supported a move from Merion, PA to Philadelphia.  "The Art of the Steal."  Ten years ago Lincoln University ceded control of the Barnes.  Mural by Matisse.  A Van Gogh of a postman.  Barnes created ensembles.  Deliberately intermingled based on color.   Julian Bond interviewed of the move:  it is a crime.

American gymnast Shawn Johnson interviewed by Mo Rocca.  Now, at age 20, not so young for a gymnast, Shawn will compete in London.  West Des Moines, Iowa.  Coach Liang Chow.  Terry Johnson spends time at the gym.  Terry and Doug brought her to a gymnastic studio early on.  Shawn started in 1998 at age six.  Mo Rocca does gym exercises with Shawn.  By 2008, Shawn was already the reigning world champion.  "My worth is not determined by the color of a medal."  Competed in Dancing with the Stars.  Honored with a butter sculpture in Iowa State Fair in 2008.

Next:  memorable people and wild things.  The loss of three men this past week.  Nicholas Katzenbach staring down Governor Wallace.  Maurice Sendak, livelong student of childhood.  "Where the wild things are."  Vidal Sassoon died in Los Angeles.  I wanted everybody to have good hair, not just the rich ladies pleasure.

Lee Cowan on storm in Joplin, MO, an F5 tornado.  Ruben Carter was working at a gas station, waiting to get a job as counselor.  His cerebral palsy had made him slow on his feet, but not on that day.  He ushered people into a beer cooler to protect them from the storm.   Corey Waterman was listening to a car radio.  Stacey LeBarge was on her way home to Kansas City.  She got in, with seconds to spare.  Grainy pictures from a cell phone camera.  Inside, 25 people.  Strangers drawn together like family.  Helpless sardines in a tin can.  Isaac Duncan returned with his cell phone.  Outside, it looked like a bomb went off.  Stacey started taking pictures.  [She had been taking pictures of a high school graduation, before.]  The gas station has been re-built, including the cooler.  Stacey felt guilty for surviving.  Ruben landed a job as counseler.  Lisa Badgely is his boss.  Ruben applied for doctoral programs.  A re-boot of his life?  No.  He lost his counseling job.  Ruben has post-traumatic stress disorder.    A miracle survivor still fighting to survive.  I am going to keep going, and do the best that I can.

This week, Seth Doane in Venice, with a bird's eye view.  [Next week, Sunday Morning does Islands].
Piazza San Marco.  Katherine Hepburn in Summertime.  Author John Berendt, rats with wings.  There are 120,000 pigeons in Venice.  Pierre-Francesco Getti.  Now, Venice has banned the sale of bird food in the square.  Bienniale.

Who is Alex Trebek, Sunday Profile by Susan Spencer.  Robert Gibbs:  this is jeopardy.  Chris Matthews.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  "Power Players."  Alex Trebek has guided Jeopardy for 28 years.
I want to be perceived as the best friend the contestants have.  There have been 6000 Jeopardy episodes.  The show satisfies one aspect of humanity:  our need to compete.  We want to know "how good we are."  In 1962,  he did "Reach for the Top."  In 1984, Trebek on to Jeopardy.  GroundHog day.  Saturday Night Live does satires.  Ken Jennings played 74 times.

Nancy Giles.  Her mother died almost 14 years ago.  She misses talking to her mother.  Dorothy Dove Giles.  She died six weeks after an exhibition of her art.

Saturn Five Rocket.  Steve Hartman in Presidio, Texas on the Presidio Rocket Club.  Life does not come with instructions.  Sheila Condino, the teacher, has to prove she is of exceptional ability.  Team American Rocketry challenge:  go to 800 feet, and return with two eggs intact.

Moment of Nature.  Pradaxa.  Morro Bay, California with mother sea otters attending to the their pups.

Sunday Morning closed with John Lennon's Woman.


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