Sunday, May 27, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on May 27, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning on May 27, 2012.  We mark Memorial Day, a holiday with a dual significance.  Mark Strassman does the cover story on the American highway. With billions of dollars needed for repair, a bumpy road ahead.  Lee Cowan interviews Jimmy Johnson, Indy car driver.  Third, Philip Seymour Hoffman interviewed by Mo Rocca.  Fourth, Steve Hartman gives story of Dustin Gross.   Chip Reid, Anthony Mason, Dave Edelstein (sadly repeated a second time by Osgood).  News:  Paktia Province in Afghanistan.  Deaths in Syria.  Subtropical strom Beryl.  Wildfire in the west.  Lady Gaga canceled performance on June 3 in Indonesia.  Doc Watson in critical condition.  Weather: Rain and 80's in the east.

Strassman on "Hit the Road!" begins with congested highways.  The original highways were elk and buffalo trails.  Earl Swift, author of Big with Roads.  New York to Philadelphia, a two day trip.  February of 1938:  6 lines, 3 north-south, 3 east-west.  In the 1950s, Eisenhower gave green light.  In 1956, construction began on 47,000 mile interstate system.  Interstates modeled on autobahns of Hitler's Germany.  Design for Dreaming (1956).  Federal gas tax 18.4 cents per gallon.  Katherine Ross is a professor at Georgia Tech talks about highway funding crisis.  It's beyond urgent.  DoT says it needs 100 billion per year.  Victor Mendez runs Federal Highway Administration.  Census Bureau says 86% of people commute by car.   In Houston, Jack Bailey doing TransStar program, which costs 26 million to operate, re-routing drivers around congestion.  Also, pay extra for less congested toll lane.  Sometimes you have to pay to keep what you have.  9% of people say they get stuck in traffic every day.

Almanac.  May 27, 1937:  Golden Bridge opened to public (pedestrians only, on first day).  Jan. 1933 was beginning of construction.   In 1983, Kuralt interviewed workers.  A mile 2/3 shore to shore.  International orange is the color.  Movie Vertigo.  Celebrations go on:  fog or shine.

Anthony Mason on photographs by Bob Gruen, with music of Blondie in the background.  Picture of Led Zeppelin that sums up the excess of the 1970s.  Gruen took picture of Dylan in 1965.  Debbie Harry shows up in the story; met Gruen in the early 1970s.  Picture of Debbie in 1976.  Book:  Rock Scene.  Lennon pictures on E. 52nd St in 1974.   New York City tee shirt.  Issue of copyright infringement:  a compliment that they steal the picture over and over again.   Picture of John Lennon by the Statute of Liberty in 1974.   Peace and freedom.  Pictures of The Clash.  Ike and Tina Turner.  New York Dolls, Elton John, The Who, The Ramones.

Philip Seymour Hoffman currently in "Death of a Salesman."  Mo Rocca interviews Hoffman has clips from Doubt and Moneyball and Chalie Wilson's War.  Almost Famous.  Role of Truman Capote.  Fairport, NY.  First onscreen in Law & Order.  Most people in real life don't look "put together."  Boogey Nights was a breakout for Hoffman.  Freddie Miles in The Talented Mr. Ripley.   The Savages.  Mimi O'Donnell.   I just want to work with people who are striving to do something really well.

David Edelstein.  Princess Bride from 1987.  Now, Snow White and the Huntsman.  And, Mirror, Mirror.  Disney's 1937 movie is faithful to Brothers Grimm tale.  Edelstein endorses The Avengers.

Chip Reid on Louis Zamperini.  Five torches.  US 328th Regiment.  Book by Laura Hillenbrand "Unbroken."
On this day, his B-24 crashed (May 27, 1943).  1994 story by Bob Simon.  Taken to Execution Island.  A guard nicknamed The Bird.  He was on This is Your Life.  Joined a prayer service by Billy Graham.  61 years ago he forgave his guards.  Book "Unbroken" made him a celebrity all over again.  Laura has chronic fatigue syndrome.

John Miller on Etan Patz.  1985 Charles Kuralt introduced Etan Patz story.  Better ways to find stolen cars than to find missing children.  Pedro Hernandez, as 18 year old, in 1979.  Father Stan (then age 38) and Mother Julie spoke about child Etan on CBS Sunday Morning.  An adult could have convinced him to do something.   113 Prince Street.   Jose Lopez called police with a tip.

Nascar star Jimmy Johnson interviewed for Sunday Profile by Lee Cowan.  Only driver in NASCAR to win five straight championships.  Best Man Cave Ever in Charlotte, NC.  Forbes named him most influential sportsmen.  Got a dirt bike at age four; started racing at age five.  Wreck at Watkins Glen, NY in year 2000.  Hendrick Motor Sports.  On average, go through 12 - 15 vehicles per season.  Works with "Make a Wish" Foundation.  Story about Dale Earnhart, Jr.

Words of caution from Fast Draw.  Happiness comes before a vacation.  Anticipation.  Imaginary kiss from celebrity desired three days in the future.  Anticipating something is where you have great joy.

Larry Eckhardt (property manager at Little York, Illinois) featured on Hero's Welcome; Dustin Gross.
Larry featured in Dubuque Telegraph Herald.  This story involved the 86th funeral attended by Larry.  A story by Steve Hartman.

Next week:  interview with Jane Fonda.

Moment of Nature by Pradaxa.  Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in upstate New York with eaglets.  


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