Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Awake" series finale on May 24, 2012

An injured Michael Britten enters the home of  John Lee (B.D. Wong).  The shot in his addomen went all the way through.  Hawkins did it.  In the other life, Castle killed himself.  Britten:  I am not the bad guy here.  Lee (Wong):  You have been keeping track of two sets of realities.  Britten to Wong:  you are going to turn me in.  There's 200 kilos in one of the storage units.  But it's not there.  Wong is put in the storage unit.  "They are saying you shot Bird."  Britten:  Ask Harper to get the phone records of Hawkins and Castle.

Detective Vega meets Dr. John Lee (B.D. Wong).  Lee:  I understand how convincing Michael Britten can be.  He is a man suffering a complete mental break.  A recipe for fluorishing delusions.  He killed Detective Freeman. We need to prevent him from hurting anyone else.  Britten is captured.  Placed in the LA County Jail.   He talks to Tricia Harper.  Tricia says Hannah will be taken care of.  Phone call from Ed Muntz, an alias for Castle.  To Tricia:  You killed Rex; you killed my boy.  Britten tries to strangle Harper in the cell, but is pulled off and taser'd.

In the next segment, Britten is shown in the cell.  Then, "you have a visitor."  It's Britten in a suit.  Suit:  you know what I want.  We have to get Harper.  The clock is ticking.  You understand.  She's getting away.  But we can still stop her.  You have to be sure.  Suit Britten hangs up.  The door opens for jailed Britten.   Jailed Britten walks down a corridor.  Lee and  Dr. Judith Evans appear.  Lee to Evans:  you don't exist.  The two doctors argue.  Jailed Britten says "shut up," and the two doctors disappear.  Jailed Britten opens a heavy door to a bright light.  Jailed Bitten overlooks Harper in a motel room.  Harper kills the man, but leaves an imprint of her high heel in the carpet.  Vega is in a penguin costume talking to jailed Britten.  Jailed Britten meets his wife.  Just give me one last kiss good-bye. Wife:  now go and get her.  Back to the motel room.  Jailed Britten transforms into the shot person in the motel room.

Suit Britten is in an office with Harper.  Britten to Harper:  what happened to your shoe.  Silver Saddle Motel.  Edward Mundt has been reserving rooms all over town.  to Harper:  how long have you known Castle before you shot him in the head.  Harper to Britten:  I'm sorry, Michael.  Britten pulls a gun on Harper, but puts it back.  Detective James and Hartwicke from Internal Affairs take Harper away.   to Mike:  I've got a lot of questions about the last couple of days.  Britten talks to Evans.  I'm on a time machine.  Evans:  you finally realize that this is life.  This is an enormous step.  Invest fully in one real life, rather than dividing yourself between two.  Are you saying you were having a dream while you were dreaming.  The world with Hannah was a dream.  Hannah is gone.  Evans:  when you go home tonight, what do you expect to see.  Hurdles all the way down.  Then Evans is frozen in time.  A door opens to a bedroom.  Britten walks through and the door closes.  Britten is now in a tee shirt and pants, in a house.  His son Rex appears.  It's 8:30.  Hannah his wife appears.  Are you all right?  I'm perfect.
End of series.


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