Sunday, May 13, 2012

"60 Minutes" on May 13, 2012

Scott Pelley introduced the first story, done by Lara Logan, on Henry "Hank" Crumpton, now 55, spent 24 years in the CIA.  110 CIA operatives toppled the Taliban after 9/11.     Kofer Black was Crumpton's boss and mentor.  Black noted this type of thing was not a "Wall Street law firm."  Crumpton met Bush, and Bush at the end said "Go get them."  Black:  my mission was to destroy Alcaide.  Crumpton:  From 1998-9 to 2001, the warnings were there.  Crumpton said the Clinton White House did not trust the CIA information.  Crumpton used the predator for surveillance.  There was an opportunity to kill Bin Laden in 1999, but no approval.  Then, the predator was armed with the hellfire missile.  Crumpton said he concerned about Alcaide in Yemen and Somalia.  Crumpton became Chief of the National Resources Division, which collects foreign intelligence inside the US.  Crumpton noted China had very aggessive operations inside the US.  Book:  "The Art of Intelligence" to be published on May14, 2012.  Operational judgment and moral judgment.  Supplying porn to Korean agents.  Crumpton:  you have to have an intense intellectual curiosity.  Crumpton retired 7-8 years ago and is a liaison at the State Department

Fetullah Gulen story by Lesley Stahl.  The Harmony School in Houston, Texas is the first school covered by Stahl.  A hovercraft made of leaf blowers.  Julie Norton is an administator.  She said they have 20,000 students, and 30,000 on a waiting list.  Many of the teachers are Turkish.  There are 130 schools in 26 states.  Gulen says:  they should not build mosques, they should build schools.  Al Aguandowon.  In the late 1960s, Gulen urged students to learn from the West.  TV stations, a major bank, trade association, and a newspaper.  Andrew Finkle comments on Gulen.  Gulen lives in a gated Pocono community in Pennsylvania.  Gulen came to the US in 1999.  Issue of immigration fraud.  David Dunn of Texas Charter School Assocication denies this.  Horizon Academy.  Allegation:  Every pay period, give back of 40% of salary.

David Martin on actor Gary Sinise.  Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump in 1994 (opening on July 4).  Sinise got a Commander's Award.    Juan Dominguez of the Afghan war.  Engaged to Alexis Gomez.   Tumecula, California.   Dominguez is one of 39 amputees who lost 3 limbs.  Ryan Anderson.  Appeared in CSI:  New York.  Sinise:  it puts everything in perspective real good.


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