Sunday, April 29, 2012

Season ending episode on April 29 for "The Good Wife"

Kalinda reveals to Alicia: I'm not gay; I'm flexible.

Judge Trent Wynter rules on a product liability on an acne medication (Vericene). $25 million in favor. Peter tells Alicia he is moving into the house, with the intent of flipping it. Cary has no office to begin with, and starts at a conference table. Alicia finds a check for $21,000 made out to cash from F&E Construction. Patti Nyholm appears.

Patti and Louis Canning are bringing suit against Lockhart, Gardner for malicious prosecution in the acne case.  Judge Linden presides over this case.

Eli visits Peter's mother, Jackie, in the hospital. Eli wants Jackie to apologize to Alicia.

Louis Canning deposes Kalinda. Patti deposes Will. F&E Construction gets back to Alicia about the check. Lockhart: Patrick Edelstein is making noises. Patti: You've seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We're the super-posse.
Also: we're here to destroy you.

Andrew Wiley is the leak of grand jury testimony.

Alicia and Kalinda talk about the check for $21,000.  Kalinda buys a sledge hammer.  Kalinda bashes in a wall and retrieves money and a gun from behind the wall.

Alicia is deposed by Patti.  Patti says that Peter met with the (acne) judge 3 times in the week before the $25 million award.  Peter meets Will in the elevator, as Peter heads to his deposition.  Eli sees Peter, Will, and Alicia together.  Then Cary shows up.  Then Kalinda shows up.  Kalinda and Will meet over drinks, and Kalinda asks for money.  Will talks about the bad state of things.  Kalinda notes that Will will build things back up again.

Canning and Nyholm both depose  Peter Florrick.  Peter tells the two that he is separated from Alicia.  Peter was seeing the judge for support for Peter's campaign.

Alicia asks Kalinda, who is this man, is this man dangerous?  The man is Kalinda's husband.

Canning and Nyholm reveal their true intention was to poach Edelstein as a client, which they have done.  Will and Alicia talk in the elevator.  Do you think it was a mistake?  No.  Good night Alicia.  Good night Will.

Kalinda empties out her duffel bag.  Alicia visits Peter at home.  Peter notes the previous owners didn't put any money in the house to flip it.

Kalinda loads her gun.

Zach asks Alicia to stay and eat pizza.

Kalinda waits at a door with a loaded gun.

The episode ends with Alicia looking in through the window as Peter, Zach, and Grace eat pizza.


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