Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re-writing history

Craig Silverman discussed copying done by Josh Linkner of material originated by Chris Dixon.

There was a parenthetical comment in the Silverman piece about the later, corrected post by Linkner and FastCompany:

(Unfortunately, they didn’t add an editor’s note acknowledging that the original version included plagiarized material…)

When Lexis corrects a previously published judicial decision, Lexis does not add an editor's note stating that there was an earlier decision saying something else. The previously published version "ceases to exist." Imagine how that sort of thing plays out in the world of prior art.

Returning to the Linkner copying, here is what Linkner had to say:

Hi Chris. Josh Linkner here, the author of this piece @ Fast Company. I owe you a HUGE apology!! A friend of mine sent me that excerpt and I had no idea it was yours or anyone else’s so I didn’t attribute it when I wrote my post. As an author, VC, and entrepreneur I hold myself to the highest standards and I’m deeply sorry this happened. Will correct and cite you ASAP. Again, honest mistake and I’m sorry it happened.

So, copying material provided by a third party is supposed to "wash away" the obligation to cite the originating party?


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