Monday, April 30, 2012

Pa Make Loa Hawaii Five-O brings in NCIS: LA team. Cross-branding.

The episode Pa Make Loa begins with an ex-husband trying to break into the ex-wife's house.  The police come.  The ex-husband's face is terribly disfigured.

Danny and Chin talk about Steve's absence while at Steve's place.  The governor phones.  Danny is told to run a quite investigation quietly as to the victim (Brian Palmer) , who was determined to have had smallpox.  Smallpox vaccination is effective only for 3-5 years.  US/CDC and Russia are the only known places harboring smallpox.  Smallpox was injected into Palmer, thus used as a murder weapon.

The ex-wife and kids are quarantined.  It's not clear that the couple is actually divorced, as they have been in counseling. The (ex?)- wife refers to his "dark place."   Liquids containing cyclotripzine (anti-depressant) are in vials in Palmer's refrigerator.  A pharma company (BioStatin) is involved in the trials of the antidepressant, run by Ken Tanner.  Danny and Chin go to Ken Tanner's home.  He's dead in the garage, car running.    Kono pings Tanner's cell phone, which was found in a garbage can.  Tanner was killed via blunt force drama.  Dracul Comescu's prints were found at the murder scene.  Danny calls the NCIS-LA folks (G. Callen and Sam Hanna).   They discuss Comescu's Romanian - organized crime family.

The crime lab processes the contents of the garbage can, and finds at least four distinct sets of clothes.
Hanna draws attention to the Chevy car, product placement.

The drug trial was directed to single people without family.  Ken Tanner had financial troubles.  Then CF&Q limited wired him $500,000.  The trials were being done at Sand Island (aka Quarantine Island).  The teams go there, and we have a Chevrolet car chase scene.  Line:  you shoot like Ray Charles.  The bad guys SUV is wrecked.  Going back to the warehouse on Sand Island, the teams find another victim.

Someone with very specialized scientific knowledge is involved.  There is discussion of "patient beta." Usually 14-28 days to death; here, three days.  A scientist studying the situation recognizes a voice on a recovered tape, but can't exactly place the voice.  Danny talks to the driver recovered from the crash, and threatens to inject him with material allegedly obtained from the virus site.  The "buy" is going down at 2pm.  But the "test patients" were shot by someone other than Comescu.  Scene at the Tree House Cafe.  Sam criticizes Danny's clothes.  Chechens are found to be involved.  Comescu is there at the meet site.  The Chechens are captured, with their money.  Comescu escapes.

Kono shoots one of the bad guys, but Comescu is still going.  Callen catches up to Comescu.  Callen shoots Comescu.  The case with the vials is recovered.

Dinner at Kamekono's [ Taylor Wily ] shrimp place.  Danny's Chevy is going to be called Winnifred?

But there is bad news.  Dr. Jarred Probman  switched the vials after they had been recovered from Comescu.  The doctor's motivation was given as having been caught faking data to get a research grant.   Jarred switched flights with one Benjamin Gallagher, and arrived via Hanalei Air Flight 792 in LA before he could be apprehended.  Stay tuned for NCIS:  LA.


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