Sunday, April 22, 2012

"The Good Wife" on April 22, 2012

The episode begins with Judge Cuesta declaring a mistrial. The problem is with Judge Cuesta. Previously, the judge was a prosecutor, and he is now being investigated for the possibility of withholding evidence in a case he did as a prosecutor. The judge asks Lockhart Gardner to represent him A mention of the "halo effect," that other judges would know Lockhart, Gardner attorneys would cover their back. The firm contemplates bringing Cary back. Howard asks "who" Cary would take to a desert island. [Keith Richards and Thurgood Marshall] There is concern about conflicts of interest. Eli tips off Peter that the Gardner Lockhart firm is contemplating Cary. Line from Bishop: I don't think a law firm is working hard enough unless they get into a little trouble now and them. Line about client lawyers wanting to do back-seat driving. Bishop to Kalinda about visit from FBI agent Lana Delaney. Bishop: I pay you not to be surprised. Bishop: Take care of it. Alicia to Kalinda: Your FBI friend is going to get you killed. Murphy Wicks presiding over the court of inquiry over Judge Richard Cuesta. The defense prosecutorial discretion is not prosecutorial misconduct. Separately, as to Lockhart Gardner, another possible lawyer addition (female: character "Callie Simko", who is seeing Will Gardner) was suspended as a lawyer because of client billing/drug issues. As to the deserted island question, Callie answers YoYo Ma and Brad Pitt. July 1992, prosecution of Patrick Rooney. Daughter of Judge Cuesta dated Larry Gibbs, one of the jurors in the case. But the daughter was estranged from Judge Cuesta. Kalinda confronts Lana Delaney. Kalinda notes Lamond Bishop is going to kill Kalinda. Peter and Cary talk. Peter says the one thing he prizes more than anything else: loyalty. Peter to Cary: I want you to hand over your cases to Geneva Pine; I'll give you a month's notice. Mr. Peel testifies against Judge Cuesta. But Peel himself made a deal with the prosecutor to testify against Judge Cuesta. The past jury foreman changed her vote to guilty at the last moment. She saw excluded evidence. Lloyd Bullock was an assistant prosecutor at the time. "Playing games with the truth." An attempt is made to implicate Bullock. Line by Judge Cuesta: Do you think there is a hell? Diane: no. Cuesta: Neither do I. But then I see lawyers and I change my mind. Lockhart Gardner offers Cary a job. Cary: People who judge lie the most. Next week is the season finale.


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