Friday, April 13, 2012

Dateline does story of 1994 McLaughlin murder

Dateline on April 13, 2012 presented the story of the murder of William McLaughlin in 1994. Yes, patents were involved, which patents generated the money that created the motive.

Note US Patent No. 5,034,135, titled Blood fractionation system and method and issued July 23, 1991, gives as sole inventor Halbert Fischel, with assignee William F. McLaughlin. See also 5,376,263, 5,464,534, and 5,783,085 (the last assigned to the Estate of William F. McLaughlin ).

For early discussion of the story Newport Entrepreneur's Death Baffles Community : Crime: Police are investigating victim's dealings. Neighbors believe the shooting was not a random act. The account gives some idea of the money involved: royalties from HemaScience Laboratories Inc., the company that merged with Baxter. Court records show he was earning $100,000 a month.


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