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CBS Sunday Morning on April 29, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 29, 2012. America is the land of opportunity. Now, soaring expenses of colleges. Rebecca Jarvis does cover story on "Smart Money." A typical cost can be $60,000 per year. Second story by Mo Rocca on magazine covers, especially those not used. Third, Anthony Mason on the Beach Boys. The surviving members have reunited for the 50th anniversary. Fourth, Tracy Smith on Body of Work, on images of Marilyn Monroe. Lawrence Schiller. Review of The Avengers. LBJ. Hotdog tosser. News: Peter Keller found in bunker. In China, activist thought to have moved from Linyi to US embassy in Beijing. Tent blown over in St. Louis. Jimmy Kimmel roast. Obama line: I have to get the Secret Service home to meet their new curfew. Forecast: heavy weather in midAmerica.

Osgood prefaced story on college costs with discussion of college loan interest rate debate. Rebecca Jarvis started on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College. The "all-in" cost will top $60,000. 90% of classes of Lawrence are seminars with 11-12 students. You are paying for the attention of the faculty. That is where the money goes. College tuitions have doubled within the last ten years. Student loan debt is over 1 trillion, more than credit card. Average debt is 27,200 per student, not counting loans from parents. Jarvis noted Obama had worked the college circuit in the last week. Issue: "how to pay for it." Democrats propose closing tax loopholes for oil and gas companies. Shelley Buffone, a recent poly sci grad, in Pittsburgh interviewed. helps students work off loan debt. In California, tuition has gone up 50% in just two years. Santa Monica College has reduced 1,100 sections. Jasmine Delgado interviewed. Santa Monica tried offering more sections at triple the cost. Two-tiered pricing system was killed. 280,000 students not being served. Megan Ragouska has debt of $23,000. How much debt is too much? Sandy Baum says: debt should not rise above your earnings level. College advantage: $1,000,000 over a lifetime. People work about 40 years over their lifetime.

Almanac. Rodney King. April 29, 1992: southern California jury acquitted policemen involved in Rodney King incident. South Central LA looting. Reginald Denny incident.
55 people killed, 2300 people injured; riots cost closed to 1 billion. Two officers were subsequently convicted of civil rights violations. Rodney King got 3.8 million. Wrote book "The Riot Within."

Mo Rocca on covers The New Yorker did not use. Feb. 1925 debut issue. Sol Steiberg's view of the world from NYC. Now, covers which are political and provocative. Current cover editor (FRANÇOISE Mouly) has done over 950 covers. Christoph Niemann (New Yorker is olympics of covers). David Remnick is editor. For us, it's what we like. Push the boundary to see where the boundary can be. Book: Blown covers. Remnick: spoke of unwashed masses not seeing Obama as patriotic. Harry Bliss.

Sunday Passage. Release of 1971 recording by Louis Armstrong.

Bound Together. Robert Caro and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Political power. In second half of 20th century, LBJ best understood use of political power. Influential Senate majority. The passage of power. LBJ outmaneuvered for Democratic nomination. Johnson considered Kennedy pathetic. Rickety ankles. Real blood feud was between LBJ and RFK. Two dogs coming into a room and hair rising behind their necks (George Reedy). RFK asked LBJ to withdraw from the ticket. As VP, Johnson is treated with disdain. The hangdog look. Of Caro: obsessive. Johnson moved immediately to consolidate his power (27 Nov. 1963). Caro previously did book on Robert Moses. 1964 Civil Rights Act. Caro is doing another book on LBJ: about how the LBJ presidency was undone by the Viet Nam War.

For comic book fans, the Avengers. John Blackstone notes the movie is supersized in heros. Josh Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). Empowerment of women. See the tiny person take control. He was a writer on Roseanne in 1989. Equality Now. Next for Whedon: movie on Much Ado About Nothing.

Charles Kuralt (1986) reprised. P. Stephen Potter. A recycle of a story that appeared on Pelley's Evening News. In 2000, the University of Nebraska refused to give him a vendor's permit. The Wiener Schlinger. Automation taking jobs: how much more American can you get.

Tracy Smith on Body of Work (images of Marilyn Monroe). In 1960, Let's Make Love. Lawrence Schiller on assignment for Look Magazine. By 1962, Cleopatra, Liz Taylor, bothered Monroe. Marilyn doing Something's Got to Give. No mention of Liz Taylor in that issue of Life. Marilyn needed the exploitation for her own purposes. Unspoken contract. June edition of Vanity Fair: A Splash of Marilyn. How do you tell a story in one image? Picture of Lee Harvey Oswald. The Kennedy family knew they could be elected if they did the right thing with the media. Monroe was upset that the media was concerned with her body. Schiller noted there is no equivalent today of Marilyn Monroe.

Anthony Mason, for the record, on the Beach Boys. No American band has more top 40 hits. Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and Mike Love are the three remaining original members of the Beach Boys. Re-united in February at the Grammys. Grammy nomination for Good Vibrations, but beaten out in 1969 by Monday, Monday. Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Band formed in Hawthorne, CA. Four Freshmen harmony over Chuck Berry guitar licks. Surfin' Safari released in 1962. Murray Wilson was abusive to his kids. Brian Wilson and Mike Wilson fired him. Brian Wilson was emotional heart of the Beach Boys. "Being scared" is driving force in my life. Mike Love talked about drugs being a divisive influence. In 1965, Beatles' Rubber Soul. This led Beach Boys to "God Only Knows," termed by McCartney the greatest song ever written. The Beach Boys did not like Brian's Smile album. Dennis and Carl Wilson died. "How does a 70 year old sound that good?" You can let the past screw with your head for a lifetime, or you can focus on right now.

Meaning of Hopefully discussed. Abandon all hopefully all ye who enter here. Statement by AP on use of hopefully.

Next week: Simon Baker of Mentalist on Sunday Morning.

Moment of nature (Pradaxa): southwestern Oklahoma, Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge showing prairie dogs, and bison. [Recycled?]


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