Sunday, April 15, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on April 15, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 15, 2012. In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes. And one should add, fudging on taxes. Rebecca Jarvis does the cover story on tax evasion. "Our Cheating Ways." Mo Rocca does Fenway Park. A diamond is forever. Serena Alschular on Dr. Allan Scott on the invention of the use of botox for wrinkes (10th anniversary). Martha Teichner on the Three Stooges. 100th anniversary of Titanic. Headlines: line of damaging storms. Woodward, Oklahoma. A scandal said to involve Secret Service agents. Bill Plante has the story. Hotel Caribe in Cartagena. Taliban launched attacks in Kabul, and 7 cities in all. Goose-stepping troops celebrating Kim Il Sung. Dick Cheney at Republican convention in Wyoming. Donovan inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Weather: thunder showers in central US.

Rebecca Jarvis notes April 17 is just two days away. The first quote: it takes over my life. Hays of Block is interviewed. Procrastination. Many of us lack a clear understanding of the tax code. Home offices. Dependents. The government only collects 85% of the money is owed. 385 billion shortfall in 2006. Think tank called Demos. Douglas Schulman keeps an eye on people who make a lot of money. The reality is: if you make $50,000 as a school teacher, there is little opportunity to cheat. Schulman does point out US has good history of voluntary compliance. 84% said not permissible to cheat on taxes. Nobody wants to be the chump who pays every dime. Jarvis: what's worse: fudging taxes or stealing (shoplifting)? David DeSteno, pscychologist. Example of flipping virtual coin. People flipped coin until got a favorable answer. Issue of moral hypocrites. Francesca Jena tested changing location of signature line. People less likely to cheat if signature line at top of form. David Callahan says IRS needs bigger budget. We have lost $3 billion to tax evasion in last decade. Dishonesty won't be disappearing any time soon. In 1913, first tax code was 27 pages long; now 5300 pages.

Almanac. April 15, 1819. Date of death of Oliver Evans, inventor, who died at age 63. Sketched out design for refrigerator. Jacob Perkins protege patented in 1834 concept of vapor phase refrigeration. Mention of Monitor refrigerator. 1991/1994 horror film, Refrigerator William Perry. Bill Geist story on refrigerator magnets.

Sweet Caroline introduces story on Fenway Park, as it introduces games at Fenway Park. Clips: Home run by Fisk; home run by Bucky Dent. Mets in 1986. In 2004, Red Sox won first World Series since 1918. Little band box of a ball park. 100th anniversary on Friday. Janice Page author of book on Fenway Park. It's both majestic and tiny. Dan Shaunessey went there first in 1961. "Red Sox Nation." Ladder to no where. 37 foot high green monster. Green monster built because of concern of balls breaking windows on Lansdown Street. Metal plates used for keeping score. In 1999, Fenway Park almost destroyed. Larry Laquino is Red Sox President. Fenway is a ball park, not a stadium. Fenway Park, South, in Ft. Myers, Florida (JetBlue Park). Replica of Fenway Park. Jeannie Bone interviewed. Opening Day 1912, faced Yankees, and will face Yankees this Friday.

The 1997 movie Titanic. Michelle Miller does story. Clips from: A Night to Remember (1958). This year, 100 books on Titanic. Museum in Belfast and museum in Southhampton. Pigeon Forge, TN. Survivor: John B. ("Jack") Thayer. An end to the age of innocence. There is something "perfect" about Titanic as a lesson. People wonder: how would we act, if only two hours left to live. Ida and Isidore Strauss. Ida chose to stay with her husband. Paul Kurzman is great grandson of the Strausses. A death which is beautiful. They died as they lived. Jackie Astor-Drexel. Grandmother Madeleine Astor. A Survivor's Tale by Jack Thayer. Stein is a distant relative of Thayer. Comparison to World Trade Center. Last Tuesday, survivors of the Strausses gathered at Macy's. Rabbi from Canton, Ohio (Lee Morton). Possible that her grandmother was beneficiary of Ida Strauss giving up seat in life boat.

Marlon Brando in 1951 playing Stanley Kowalski. Now, a new Streetcar and a new actor, Blair Underwood. Rita Braver does the interview. In 1987, in LA Law. "In Treatment" in 2008. Rules of Engagement, Just Cause. "The Event." "Bad guys are always better to play." Blair grew up in Petersburg, VA. His father is a retired Army colonel. Blair decided to be an actor at age 4/5. Studied acting at Carnegie-Mellon. Walk on role in Cosby show. At age 21, role in LA Law. Young, dumb, making money, and being single. Choosing the right person. Dr. Robert Leeds, Miranda's love interest in Sex and the City. Blair's very good looks. When people perceive you in a certain way, it's a good thing.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced they are getting married. Lee Cowan on Sunday Morning had asked the question. "We will someday. That's a great idea." Ring spotted on Wednesday. And, Lee Cowan just got married.

Clip from Sex and the City on Botox. FDA decision 10 years ago. Portrait of the inventor. Dr. Allan Scott. You never know what's going to happen when you do these things. Cure for crossed eyes. I wasn't tuned in to the practical aspect. Accidental discovery that Botox made wrinkles disappear. Drug paralyzes facial muscles. Botulism. Fight the looks of aging. Botox in Hollywood has become the drug of choice. It's now the number 1 cosmetic treatment: 6 million cases last year. Dr. Mitch Chaisson: everything in moderation is good. Example of Jenny McCarthy. Frozen face. The key is minimal. Kate Winslet is against the procedure. Artifice and trickery. "Bro-tox". Last year, 300,000 men. Laura Daugherty: it's about removing the pain. Life changing. Botox made her more functional. Migraine, severe muscle stiffening, urinary incontinence.
Scott was not a good business person. Got $8 million from Allergan for rights.

Three Stooges re-created. Story by Martha Teichner. Moe Howard, father of Paul Howard. Irving and Jack were older brothers of Mo, were business man. Women Haters in 1934. Larry Fine. There were 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures. Physical humor ages better, especially with sound effects. Men in Black was nominated for an Oscar. Moronica. Stooges made fun of Hitler, before Chaplin did. Son Paul said Mo was different in real life. Moe was like a father to Curley. The Stooges got a 60,000 annual salary, for all three of them. The Stooges got NO royalties. The "huge Stooge" fans; stooge-dom. Producers had "spring training" teaching the Stooges how to hit. Teichner put together a focus group. Disclaimer at end of film about fake tools, etc.

Opinion by Faith Staley. Naming a baby. Nomen est omen. Paper by Gebauer on influence of names on career. Name regret is on the rise. Jaden and Sophie. Now, 100,000 baby names. Trends are for fashion week. The name of Faith's baby: Begins with A and has three syllables. Initials = A.C. S.-S.

Osgood talks about Kuralt's "On the Road." Now Steve Hartman follows in Kuralt's footsteps. First story is on Bobby Hinds. 65 big plastic beads, you have a good jump rope. Millionaire practically overnight. SADLY, this story was already on. LifeLine now doing rubber tubing. Handle contraption: interactive wireless device. Quantify exercise. Exercise as a video game. Hartman stumbled on to holy grail.

Preview on Face the Nation. Congressman Issa.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Sunday breakfast at Tiffany's.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Zion National Park in Utah. Hint of springtime.


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