Saturday, March 03, 2012

Seven months to take the story seriously

In repeating "Profiler, Profiled" of Criminal Minds (originally broadcast Dec. 13, 2006), KYW showed a plot line related to the Penn State scandal, with "Carl Buford" representing the Jerry Sandusky element.

Meanwhile, a subpoena to Penn State on 2 Feb. 2012 asks for:
-- payments made by university board members to third parties.
-- records of complaints, interviews or out-of-court settlements regarding Sandusky
-- computer hard drives.
-- correspondence with Sandusky's children's charity, The Second Mile.

Of the Sandusky story, from

Ganim published her first story detailing Sandusky's grand jury hearing and other molestation accusations around this time last year, but it took the national news media seven months to take the story seriously — after Sandusky was arrested and publicly charged with sexual abuse.

ESPN later said, "With the biggest staff of sports journalists in the world, ESPN should have been leading the charge to ask tough questions and shed light on this scandal. Instead, it was the tiny Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, out in front of the journalism pack."


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