Thursday, March 01, 2012

Medical fraud ring involving doctors and lawyers

Within a post at Courthouse News Service titled Dozens Accused of $279 Million Medicaid Fraud, about a fraud involving both doctors and lawyers [ 10 licensed doctors and three attorneys ], one finds the text:

Hinton's client, Andrew Baker, wants the government to intervene in his lawsuits against the Laboratory Corporation of America and Quest Diagnostics. Baker claims that Labcorp raked in more than $3 billion on so-called "pull-through" schemes, and that a similar fraud by Quest also made billions.

See also Huge N.Y. health care fraud ring busted which indicates the fraud was directed at private insurance companies.

***Elsewhere in the medical world, related to Kodak:

Specifically, Kodak is asking the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan to let it terminate nonvested medical benefits for the Medicare-eligible retirees who retired on or after Oct. 1, 1991. It said it "regrettably" determined that it can no longer afford these obligations.
"The debtors believe that terminating post-1991 Medicare enhancement benefits is a logical and socially responsible step to take in rationalizing their retiree medical and survivor benefits program, because these benefits do not provide core medical coverage and are readily and economically replaceable in the open market," Kodak said in court papers filed Monday [Feb. 27, 2012].


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