Monday, March 19, 2012

Hawaii-Five-O on 19 March 2012 (Kalele)

McGarrett's sister (Mary) shows up with a job as a flight attendant, and then gets arrested for diamond smuggling. It's a frame, but a complicated one. The friend of McGarrett's sister (Angela) is in on the frame.

August March (Ed Asner) is the fence who knows everything. March gives them a phone number. March mentions a cop named McGarrett who transported March to jail 30 years ago [2012 -30 = 1982]. Asner appeared in the original Hawaii Five-O series, as August March, in 1975 in the episode titled Wooden Model of a Rat . The earlier episode revolved around McGarrett's collection of netsuke.

The diamonds come from the Republic of Liberia. Asner mentions the words "allotrope of carbon." Asner also mentions the words "blood diamond." The Liberian connection leads to a search of Liberian nationals on the island, and McGarrett's sister recognizes one of the Liberian nationals as the one who set her up.

McGarrett gets a birthday cake (red velvet, shaped like a hand grenade) with a little surprise.

At the end of the episode, August March does a deal with Angela for the diamonds, and then August kills Angela.

Text: In loving memory of Rose Freeman appears after the episode video ends. Rose Freeman was the wife of the late Leonard who created Hawaii Five-O.


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