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"The Good Wife" on March 4, 2012: "After the Fall"

Episode title has dual meaning: Will's suspension and the case of a suicide jumpers from a bridge and a film about the suicides. Review: as power grabs are occurring at Lockhart/Gardner, Alicia and Caitlin face off with Nancy Crozier, while Peter discovers the downside to taking the high road.

Opens with a Kara Anderson's suicide -- shots of her jumping from a bridge, her parents, her boyfriend; Will was viewing a video. Kalinda drops by, telling him he's missed. He gives her notes on one case, something he'd worked on before being sanctioned. After she leaves, he watches the end of the film. Nancy Crozier returns (as played by Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep), representing the family of the daughter whose life was made into a documentary, talks about cameras zooming in, talking from the heart. The film's photographer, Aidan (played by Christian Camargo of The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn, Dexter, The Mentalist, etc.) has to answer why he did not save her, details of his film. In hallway, Eli approaches Alicia requesting whether or not she and Peter are divorcing, David told him they were; she thinks Eli is being manipulative. Diane phones Will and asks him to work at the office; Will's sister arrives. "Nature abhors a vacuum," states by Julius Cain who wants Will's office, his name on the letterhead, and more, stating that when he returns, Will will have to earn back the trust of the partners. David tells his niece, Caitlin, he thinks he will need her help in the next few days.

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Aidan states he found his aunt had committed suicide when he was eight years old. Suicide is very serious to him.

Eli and Peter meet Donna Brazile (political strategist, author, 2000 campaign manager for Al Gore, interim Chair of the Democratic National Party, playing herself) telling him he wants to give the keynote speech at the convention. Will's sister, Aubrey (played by Merrit Wever, of "Nurse Jackie"), tells him he should leave law and they should make music. He asks if Aubrey told other sister, Sarah, ("yes") and asks when she's arriving. Alicia phones Will, hears Aubrey's voice in background; Aubrey notices Will's voice softens while they speak, teases him.

Nancy states the images of the suicide were romanticized in the YouTube promo put on the internet; filmmaker added soft music, a different sky, etc. Five more suicides occurred afterward.

Eli meets with Horton Baker who is not willing to praise Peter to Donna unless Eli gives him a job.

Alicia requests Caitlin (attractive blonde v. blonde, being told that judge enjoys women litigators) to do cross-examination in the suicide case; it will be her first time; she is reticent but plays up to judge.

Will states to sisters that Lockhart/Gardner has $38 million in assets and he has money, arguing he is not desperate for work.

Caitlin, in front of the Judge Edward Serena (played by MLB All Star Texas Rangers' outfielder Josh Hamilton), appeals personally, telling him it is her first time, and he is empathetic and impressed by her. Caitlin grills the boyfriend about his cancellation of a date close to Kara's suicide. Diane arrives in court and hears Caitlin and is very pleased; Diane promotes Caitlin to full litigator.

Peter learns from Eli that he will not get convention keynote speech, perhaps a speech later in the week, as Donna Brazile knows Peter's friends are not speaking well of him. Eli tells Peter he may not work for him any longer.

Kalinda asks for a subpoena from Cary. She is on-site at the bridge where suicides occur, uses hotline phone and learns, on average, it takes 48 minutes to receive emergency response. Alicia tells Kalinda she needs proof of her income over tax case she's covered. Alicia tells Lee she's grateful for trust work he's done, but that she will not need him for divorce -- she is 'going another way'. Julius approaches Eli for support against Diane on vote for firm leadership and Eli agrees; Lee observes.

Will's sisters want him to work and date and Will says he's not going to do anything. Peter tells Cary he's hired Horton Baker as a new ASA, head of felony review. Cary offers consultation, Peter tells him he doesn't need it. Geneva Pine is demoted, Cary has to inform her.

Attorneys meet with judge and want to make state responders a third-party to suicide case (a/c of delayed 911 response time).

David approaches Diane and asks for what Julius is requesting -- Will's office, letterhead, etc., states he's the better choice because he will revert to former position when Will returns. Kalinda and Cary meet and he offers her the tape of the suicide call in exchange for city not being named. Eli approaches Diane for Will's spot, suggests Lockhart/Gold. Indicates things are changing and he may not be working for Peter anymore. Diane turns him away, too -- she plans to wait for Will.

Kalinda goes to Will's and is greeted by his sisters (who state he's in shower); they ask if she's on suicide case, thinking she's Alicia, the woman whose phone voice they're trying to figure earlier. She tells him about Julius, David and Eli; he insists he cannot go to office. She asks why Alicia was given her tax case (he replies, "to 'save her ass'").

Back in court, representative for state is questioned about delayed response time to suicide calls -- they wait until potential suicide victim is on ledge, ready to jump. As a result, no lives are saved.

Peter's friends have been in touch with Brazile; she asks if he and Alicia are still living apart. He confirms and states they are committed to making their marriage work. Brazile states she wants to meet her, Eli suggests in September (at convention).

Kalinda questions boyfriend about Kara not returning to college in fall. Father is on stand and Alicia questions him about coverage of Kara's college expenses; he states her grades dropped and he informed her he would not support her any longer. She committed suicide two days later.

Will's sisters want him to dine with Kalinda; finally, he goes to Diane's office. While abiding by the sanction, Will and Diane decide he can offer updates on his cases while Eli, Julius and David observe the chat in her office. Will asks if Caitlin was fired (she is carrying a large container, presumably of case files) and Diane tells him of her promotion. Final scene is of Caitlin heading into her office with container as Alicia observes and ominous music plays.

Preview of March 11, 2012 new episode, "Long Way Home," reviving former murder suspect venture capitalist Colin Sweeney (played by Dylan Baker, from "Smash," "Damages," etc.) who will be represented by Alicia on sexual misconduct charges which threaten to derail his attempt to regain control of his company; Alicia will request of Judge Friend (played by ever-so-popular Bebe Neuwirth) to be removed from case, but this will not granted. [Also guest stars Morena Baccarin (who has also played Erica Flynn on "The Mentalist," Jessica Brody on "Homeland" and Anna in "V").]


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