Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The Good Wife" on March 25, 2012: "Blue Ribbon Panel"

The episode begins with Alisha interviewing Kalinda about her income tax audit. Then, Diane sets up Alisha for a committee on officer-involved shooting (IPRA reports). Alisha shows up at a meeting and Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) and a pastor ( Charles Dutton ) are there as panelists. Then there is a scene of a partner's meeting. There is an issue of whether or not Will will share in the profits while not functioning as a law partner. The scene returns to the panel. A judge on the panel tells Alisha she does not need to be clever. You don't have to re-invent the wheel; the wheel works fine. Then another panel scene, and Alisha brings up some factual matters, and the panel goes into executive session and there is a motion to censure Alisha. Then, the scene shifts to Alisha talking to an IRS agent. After Kalinda and Alisha leave the room, Kalinda lets Alisha know a laptop in the room was monitoring the meeting. Then a scene showing Eli and Julius meet about cutting a deal to remove Will. Back to panel: Issue: people respond to sound and sight when they experience chaotic conditions, trying to undercut Alisha's earlier point. An issue of dropped guns arises and the pastor gives his five minutes of time to Alisha. White office/black victim issue. Kresteva (Perry) to Alisha: ask Diane what it is like to piss off judges like this.

Alisha works on writing a letter to Gilda, about the house. Then a flashback to earlier times at the house. Then another flashback, done in Unforgettable fashion, with the present Alisha looking at a past Alisha. Scene shifts to Diane, Will, and Alisha talking about the panel. Diane: you have more responsibility and consequences. Alisha leaves Diane and Will. Diane: easy to be idealistic on the sidelines. Will making friends with the old retired pattern (Howard). Scene: FBI agent (Lana Delaney) talks to Alisha about Kalinda. What is the nature of this investigation? FBI agent says I don't know. [In fact, FBI agent has a past with Kalinda.] Mr. Burk shows up about the panel; Gilda phones Alisha. Alisha asks to recall Burk. Alisha's motion, slowly, carries the day. Scene: Dave Lee telling Will to tell Diane to make smart decisions. Scene: Alisha thinks Peter (not) Alisha puts winning bid on the house.

Scene: Will and Diane about holding Will's seat. Diane terms Dave Lee, Julius, and Eli children, wanting a toy, which they will break if they get it. Scene: panel about dropped gun. Matan and Cary had made an investigation about a dropped gun. Inappropriate decision in the state attorney's office. Scene: FBI agent and Kalinda. Scene at panel: Cary did interview Zimmerman about dropped gun. Cary announces he has been demoted from position of deputy states attorneys. Cary states Eli Gold was present at meeting with Peter about "dropped gun" matter. Scene: Alisha and Peter together. Alisha says "this is wrong." Peter is talking about panel; Alisha is talking about house. But, Peter did not buy the house; Jackie did!

Scene: partner meeting with Eli talking. Dave Lee: this gonna take long? Eli: only if it annoys you. Will talks about Howard Lyman. Scene: Kresteva: there are two reports I can write. I want to avoid a minority report. The more forthcoming report hurts your husband. Which one do you want. Candyland is simple. All the boy wanted from you is the truth. Scene: Jackie at the hairdesser (Jacques) and Alisha comes in. Do you have a minute? Yes I do.

End of "Blue Ribbon Panel."


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