Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The Good Wife" on March 11, 2012

The "Long Way Home" episode begins with a shareholder meeting of the Herald Equity Group, with a fight between the Drescher group and the Sweeney group. The issue is about 36,800 shares. Isabelle (Isobel?) Swift [played by Morena Baccarin] accuses Sweeney of sexual harrassment right before the vote.

Sweeney's side lost the proxy vote. To get a re-vote, Sweeney has to show the harassment/paternity assertion is false AND there was collusion between Isabelle Swift/Drescher group. In the injunction hearing, it is revealed that Isabelle worked in soft core porn. Further investigation discloses the term "CEO slut." The classic term "he said she said" arose.

The line from Sweeney "Telling the truth is so tiring."

Alisha to Caitlin: Don't undercut your mentor. Being an associate in a law firm, people judge you, on YOUR work.

The asserted event happened in a bathroom at the Evanston Tavern. Oral sex and a turkey baster. Sperm as a gift. Contraceptive fraud.

At the city attorney's office, Peter fires Jeremy because of sex on Peter's couch. One line in a discussion involving Cary: it's a bad economy for ideals.

Hon. Claudia Friend is the judge overseeing the arguments about contraceptive fraud. I am intrigued to entertain argument, but disgusted. A class on artificial insemination in Kenwood. Pursuant to the code of professional responsibility, I have no further questions.

Caitlin to Alisha (in the context of Caitlin's resignation from the firm): may be it's different for my generation, but I don't have to prove anything. Or maybe I don't want to.

Sweeney and Swift reach an amicable agreement, and there is an affidavit confirming the turkey baster event.

Cary discloses the Dana Lodge incident to Peter.

The episode ends with Alisha visiting her former house, which is on the market.


Isobel Swift


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