Sunday, March 11, 2012

CSI: Miami on March 11, 2012

The "Rest in Pieces" episode begins with a hand coming out of a sandy beach. A man in a blue top yells for "Chelsea". Walter (Omar) gets the first line "The victim's name is Kirk Armstrong." Chelsea turns out to be buried in the sand, and dead. A helicopter lands at the beach, disrupting the crime scene and bearing Raquel Welch as character Vina Navarro who notes: This negative publicity is making our customer base very nervous.

Kirk picks the perp (Esteban Navarro, grandson of Raquel's character Vina) out of lineup.

Back at the beach, a crab is making off with a finger bone, leading to a search for other buried victims. The skeleton of a man, shot in the head with a 22, is found. The son (Diego) is now the suspect. At the Navarro estate, Horatio finds a heel of a woman's shoe in an outdoor fire pit. The evidence of the shoe gets tossed, but more evidence (a naval pin) is found.

Diego goes after Vina and ends up shot by Vina.

Among Diego's things is a fake lollipop, which actually hides a data chip. On the data chip is information about an address. It is to a warehouse enclosing many things including 1930's vintage cars. The basement is soundproofed. It's a killing chamber, and includes a bottle of eyeballs.

Preliminary hearing in case State of Florida v. Esteban Carlos Navarro. A jelly jar filled with human eyeballs. Within, was a small piece of latex in the lid. The latex had the DNA of Esteban Navarro. Esteban is escorted off to jail at Miami West.

The twist: the bone man is Diego's father, Alfredo. Alfredo was killed and buried on his own property.

The show ends with Vina having escaped via jet to some unnamed tropical location (after Horatio figures out that Vina killed Alfredo), Esteban in jail, and Diego on life support.


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