Sunday, March 25, 2012

CSI: Miami does "Law & Disorder" on March 25

CBS CSI: Miami parodies NBC with an episode titled "Law & Disorder."

After the opening scene, with a death of young girl, there is an investigation of people inside a nearby club. A purse, belonging to the victim, is found in the trash in the ladies room. G series nerve agent (vial solution turned yellow) is implicated. Sarin is one. Denise was poisoned with liquid sarin. A cab left the club location at 25 Azure Avenue with another woman showing symptoms. CSI tracks down the other woman, who turns out to be the killer of Denise.

At the apartment of victim Denise. Some sort of needle in this filestack? The CSI's find a semen stain on a blue dress.(belonging to Randall Stafford, head of Miami City Council. Darren Vogel (Malcolm McDowell} is the lawyer for Randall.) Scene: Calleigh is thinking about adopting Austin North and his sister. Darren defeats the blue dress evidence on a chain-of-custody issue.

CSI tries to de-code Denise's notes. It seems the Councilman ordered re-paving of pavement where a murder had occurred the day before. Casal is the suspect. During interrogation, Vogel (McDowell) shows up. Cross-contamination issue. Line: ADA Avery, despite his experience in cheap suits... CSI figures Vogel is black-mailing his clients to do his dirty work. Denise had found out; Stafford (inadvertently?) disclosed Denise's identity to Vogel.

Gabrielle Wade is the "fall person." The case of Esteban Navarro arises. Sam's boyfriend Josh, the assistant state's attorney, is working for Vogel. The episode ends.


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