Sunday, March 11, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on March 11, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for March 11, 2012, the first day of daylight savings in 2012. The people of Japan commemorated Fukushima (Bill Whittaker). An hour of lost sleep, by Barry Peterson. Pillow talk gives surprising facts. The world of pain, by Bob Simon, on morphine. 80% of world lives in locations where morphine is not available. Anthony Mason on Aretha Franklin, celebrating her 70th birthday. Dress Rehearsal by Mo Rocca: 164th annual hasty pudding show. Seth Doane on Prince Harry. Steve Hartman on low budget candidate. Headlines: US soldier in custody in Afghanistan after shooting villagers in Kandahar's Panjwayi district. Mandy Clark in Kabul. Kofi Anan in Syria. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. NCAA has selection Sunday; announcement at 6am. 340 ton of granite is at its destination. Weather: Warm in northeast, rain elsewhere. Osgood poem on daylight saving time.

Exactly one year ago today was the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Now, a lifeless moonscape dots part of Japan. Magnitude 9 earthquake. Almost 20,000 people died or are still missing. There is so much debris. Jeff Kingston at Temple University in Japan. Because of debris, reconstruction can't happen. Time has stopped at 2:46. Ishinomaki is epicenter. Okawa Elementary School is now a shrine. 74 children and 10 teachers died. Angry parents confronted school officials. A series of horrific events at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Trust in powers that be has eroded. Japan's recovery is daunting. Little acts of kindness. Making dolls for parents who have lost children. Spring will arrive; wait for that day with this doll.

Almanac. March 11, 1970. The day Earl Stanley Gardner died. The case of the velvet claws in 1933. Perry Mason. The case of the bountiful beauty. Series ran for 9 seasons, 271 episodes The case of the final fadeout, had Gardner as the judge. Mason lost three tv cases [ The Case of the Witless Witness, The Case of the Deadly Verdict, and The Case of the Terrified Typist.]. The case of the twice told twist was filmed in color. The Perry Mason series ran from 1957 to 1966.

Larger than Life, done b Faith Staley on the art of Terry Chase. Ocean Hall of the Smithsonian. Chase Studios in Cedar Creek, Missouri. Phoenix the whale. Chase opened his studio in the Ozarks in 1973. Chase Studios is a magical place. Hunt for mastadon bones. The studio team makes dioramas lifelike. Turtle shells molded out of plastic. Dioramas are interactive. Make everything as perfect as he can make it. Attention to detail.

Barry Peterson on lack of sleep. Ground Hog Day. Adults need 7-9 hours per day, but 1/3 of Americans are getting less than that. Ying Wafu was studying lab rats, then found short sleepers, 4-6 hours. Ben Franklin to Bill Clinton, were short sleepers. Resistant to failure. Perhaps, only 1% are short sleepers. Sleep deprivation is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Nate Watson at UWashington in Seattle. [ The Sleep Center is located at Harborview Medical Center ] Deprivation is dieters nightmare. Leptin. A study of twins who tipped scales in high 300s. Sleep a low priority for them. They toured with M C Hammer. Then they slept 12 hours per day, and they weighed less.
Larry McClean was 250 pounds, then started sleeping 8 hours night. Seattle Seahawks at Giants Stadium; might start slow. 9 straight losses. Stanford basketball team; told to sleep 10 hours. Sherri Ma ran study: sleep and athletic performance. Average high school teenager needs 9 hours sleep. Traditional high school schedule goes against. Menlo Park/Atherton starts at 8:45am, not earlier. How much sleep do you need? Dr. Watson says go on vacation and sleep as much as your body wants. Keep track.

World of pain, by Bob Simon, with University of British Columbia students. Embarara, Uganda. Morphine taken by mouth. 80% of world's population does not have access; 5 billion people make do with 5% of world's supply of morphine. Trip to India, where morphine is hard to get. Dedric Loman of Human Rights Watch, has taken up issue of global pain. The patient with pain does not have option. Morphine comes from poppy field, same as opium. Collateral damage of war on drugs. Ann Merryman from Liverpool is now in Uganda. Strongest available was codeine; access to morphine was limited. Allow nurses to be able to prescribe morphine. Oral morphine solution. Uganda's Hospital Burn Unit. Dr. Mora Long. A human to human sense of compassion and care.

Mo Rocca at his alma mater, Harvard on the Hasty Pudding Club. This year: There will be flood. Tran McCain. Isaya LittlePrayer. Poca Lips. 164th annual hasty pudding show. Brandon Ortiz. Matt Whittaker. Ortiz plays Eve Olution. 40 performances of budget of quarter million. Harvard education costs $50,000 per year. Oldest collegiate theatrical group. 1795. Rye meal and molasses. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Teddy Roosevelt and Kennedy. Jack Lemmon. Fred Gwynne. Rocca did 142nd show. Suede Expectations. Coveted Pudding Pot.

Prince Harry in Caribbean, by Seth Doane. Sunday Morning Journal. Belize, Bahamas, and Jamaica. Then in Brazil. A 27 year old sports fan. The Nazi costume, in the past. This was his first solo overseas trip. He appeared to charm the Jamaican prime minister. Bright blue shoes. A trip to the slums. Favela in Rio. A charmer and diplomat.

Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin. Anthony Mason noted two weeks from today, Aretha celebrates 70th birthday. Strikingly slimmer. She has lost 85 pounds. Lady Soul. The greatest singer of the rock era. Mason visited her in Detroit, at the New Bethel Baptist Church. C. L. Franklin. Franklin family home in West Detroit. Mahalia Jackson would come to the house. Sam Cook was 11 years older than Aretha. Aretha signed with Columbia records. 9 top ten hits circa 1967, best of which was Respect. You'd better think. Daydreaming. The real men step up to the plate. William Wilkerson. Aretha is mother to four sons. Lasalle Park. [recycled story]

Opinion piece. Dr. Sanjay Gupta on doctors' mistakes. 100,000 deaths per year are due to medical errors. Gave story of case wherein doctor Operated on wrong side of patient's brain. Cat scans hung backwards. Gathering where doctors discuss errors. Reading of obituary. Gupta has been keeping notes. "Monday Mornings." Confronting errors. Put medical mistakes under the microscope. It takes all of us to build a better system.

Steve Hartman on person outside of Great Falls, Montana. Jim O'Hara running for governor. 3 years of putting up billboards.
Logged over 20,000 miles. Vickie is his wife. So far, poll shows only 3% of the vote. [recycled story]

Bob Schieffer talking to Newt Gingrich. Next week. fine tuned machines (e.g., a Glock)

Moment of Nature, Pradaxa . Pablo National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. Snowy Owls. And what appeared to be a marmot.


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