Sunday, March 25, 2012

"60 Minutes" on March 25, 2012

The first previewed story was on Sergio Marchionne of Fiat / Chrysler (Steve Kroft). The most dramatic car recovery was that of Chrysler. $180 million profit last year. Sergio is 59 years old, and looks, in a black sweater, more like a film director than an auto exec. Some snippets of Sergio quotes: There is nothing worse than to see fear in people's faces. There is nothing worse than being a victim of something that is outside one's control. For you to be the only guy at the bar, there's got to be a reason. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. The 6 billion loan from the US was to upgrade operations. From a product standpoint, Chrysler was the other half of the coin (to Fiat). Preview of the Dodge Dart sort of a version of Alfa Romeo Julietta. Joke: enough like an Italian car but avoids pitfalls of being an Italian car. 200 workers increased to 4500 workers. Jefferson plant that makes Grand Cherokee. Sergio found 26 leaders, who then would depart directly to him. Chairman's office: nothing happens there. Sergio is on the plant floor. Ralph Giles. 2 minute 8 million dollar ad with Clint Eastwood. Loans were paid back at 19.7% interest. "You turn these things [cameras] and I'll give you my own assessment" [of Republicans' comments about superbowl ad.] The combined Chrysler/Fiat company has 200,000 employees. Maserati and Ferrari are part of Fiat. In Europe, Sergio has to travel in bulletproof vehicles. Alfa Romeo will be re-introduced in US in 2014. Current question: how big a market share for Chrysler? Sergio on biggest challenge: slip on execution.

The second story by Lara Logan was on wrongfully convicted Michael Morton. [See also article by LBE in Volume 1 of the University of Chicago Roundtable: Comment: Frye after Daubert: The Role of Scientists in Admissibility Issues As Seen through Analysis of the DNA Profiling Cases.] High profile case in Texas. Morton in 1987 was convicted of murdering his wife. Nightmare began in Austin, Texas in 1986. All the questions were adversial, accusatory. In six weeks, Morton was arrested. Ken Anderson was prosecuting attorney. Anderson stated Morton was violent. Barry Sheck was involved on behalf of Morton. Police report had evidence which excluded Morton as suspect. Statement of Morton's son Eric. Videoclip of attorney Scheck. Anderson was named prosecutor of the year later that year. When Morton's son turned 18, the son changed his name. Bloody bandana implicated Mark Allan Norwood. There is probable cause to believe Anderson withheld exculpatory evidence. People break rules because they want to win. Anderson: in my heart, I know there was no misconduct. Eric Nichols is attorney for Anderson. Anderson is now the subject of a criminal inquiry. But prosecutors have absolute immunity for their legal work.
Mention of Ted Stevens case. Morton has received $2 million dollars under a Texas law which compensates the wrongfully convicted.

Novak won the Australian Open in 2012, and last year's Wimbledon. Early instructor, on Novak at 5 1/2, this is a golden child and will be a champion. At seven, Novak stated his goal was to be champion of the world. Bob Simon interviews Novak Djokovic and goes into the basement of Novak's grandfather's apartment in Belgrade, Serbia, where he and his family stayed for hours each night during the 1999 NATO bombing of the city. Family spent every night in the basement for two weeks. Novak: we didn't need to go to school and we played more tennis. Serbs want to re-invent themselves as trendy Europeans.
Serbs have a harder way to succeed. Dig deeper. At 2007 US Open, Novak impersonated top tennis stars. (Sharakova; Nadal) The Expendables-2.


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