Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Right on the cusp of 'told you so' "?

In a post at, one has the text:

Policy stability is important for investors in advanced biofuels, which Ellerbusch [ BP Biofuels North America Presiden ] says boost the prospects of a US future heavy on domestic energy sources and contributing to the "all of the above energy strategy" both sides of the US political debate have claimed to support.

Also in the post,

Ellerbusch mentions the company's large facility under construction in Florida and says that the next facility built will be even larger. She acknowledges competitors in the space like Abengoa and DuPont, pointing out that more broadly "the momentum is there."

One notes that Butamax, a joint venture of DuPont with BP, is engaged in a patent war against Gevo related to isobutanol.


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