Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“In my field, this would be an international scandal.”

Ryerson University chemistry professor Russell Viirre on the plagiarized work in Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications:
“In my field, this would be an international scandal.”

IPBiz questions whether plagiarism in chemistry rises to "international scandal" proportions.

“In comparative studies, you can copy others’ published works.” [?]
wherein direct copying in the chemistry area barely raised a ripple.

See discussion of the CHIRANJEEVI matter in
The "wearing down" fallacy as to examiners and editors
: Christian, who is professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Washington, Seattle, says Chiranjeevi's tactic was to flood journals with manuscript submissions in the hopes of wearing down editors who would eventually publish some of his work.

Chemistry plagiarism at University of Kentucky?

Ex-UPitt prof snagged for plagiarism

Plagiarism by Michigan State professor

Another mechanical engineering plagiarism scandal
[Keywords: Viktor Verijenko; Chippy Shaik]


Mehdi Dehghan and Pouya Derakhshan-Barjoei, professors at Amirkabir University of Technology and Islamic Azad University

Xavier Fernando: “It’s a complete copy. Except for the title and the authors’ names, the paper is identical.”

**And recall from IPBiz post
Searching the web for copied articles

Helpful hint: when plagiarizing an article just go ahead and skip the last paragraph if it is a bio of the real author


**In passing

As to Shaik, note the post Chippy Shaik stripped of doctorate including text:

"The claim is absurd, as Prof Piskunov was an external examiner for the thesis. As he wrote the text and examined the thesis he is the person best placed to say if there was any plagiarism."

Shaik argued that it was Pishkunov himself, the man whose work Shaik is accused of plagiarising, who served as examiner for the thesis and recommended that the a doctorate be awarded.

"He made no claim that the work was copied or that any correction be made to the thesis," said Yunis.


Chippy Shaik is the brother of jailed businessman Schabir Shaik -- the former financial advisor to African National Congress president Jacob Zuma -- who is challenging his conviction for fraud

Frankie's vs. Woolworths: Good old-fashioned David-and-Goliath battle


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