Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fracking shows up on "Person of Interest"

The episode of "Person of Interest" on 23 Feb 2012 titled "Risk" involved stock manipulations of a company called Tritak, which was in the gas pipeline construction business. In the storyline, the bad guys (an investment guy (Paul Ashton) and a SEC guy (Doug Rasmussen)) had sold the stock short, knowing that a bill on fracking in New York would pass thereby (according to the storyline) rendering Tritak stock useless.

The two apparent bad guys are thwarted but the actual mastermind of the plot is a previous "Person of Interest" bad guy, Elias, aka Charlie Burton. The "Risk" episode leaves one with the impression that the New York legislature is being manipulated on fracking by evil person Elias. Fracking also got bad PR in a CBS episode on CSI (Las Vegas).

CSI does Cable Spings, NV and natural gas drilling


Fracking issues at Dimock, PA


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