Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CSI Unplugged on February 29, 2012

In -- CSI Unplugged -- on Feb. 29, 2012, the writers took a leaf from a previous NCIS episode in which the crime investigators had to work without electricity.

Light was furnished by combining luminol with permanganate.

In the "Power Down" episode of NCIS [original air date Nov. 17, 2009, more than two years before "CSI Unplugged" ], Gibbs passed out Polaroid SX-70 cameras, even though film for them has been long gone.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 17, NCIS had its black-out episode, showing how the investigators were held-back without their computers.

The episode included "Gibbs using the mimeograph," even though Gibbs didn't use a stencil. How many viewers have used a mimeograph, or know how it works?


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