Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Concerning RFS in the biofuels area

Within a post at Biofuels Digest titled What do we do with Rufus? RFS [Renewable Fuel Standard ], that is, the elephant in the room , one has the text:

At the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference this year in Washington, we are expecting to see a new technology option emerge – a new capital-light, built-in technological option for the production of drop-in cellulosic biofuels at massive scale, and with rapid scale-up options for industry.

No, it is not just an expectation that companies like Sapphire Energy and Joule Unlimited will be scaling their technologies using their advanced microorganisms – or that pyrolysis technologies like KiOR’s will find affordable project financing to massively accelerate their build-out. Just to mention a number of companies who already have known technologies that may scale drop-in fuels before 2022.

Of text from the National Corn Growers Association on cellulosic biofuels: “Much as parents may tell stories about unicorns and fairies, some players in the ethanol and environmental industries pushed a product which they were not prepared to deliver,” one notes that biofuels from cellulose and biofuels from CO2 are two different propositions.


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