Sunday, February 26, 2012

CBS "Sunday Morning" on February 26, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday Morning for February 26, 2012. Tonight is Oscar night. Could the movie theater be facing its very end? Tracy Smith does the cover story on this question. Second, Lee Cowan on extras and Central Casting. Third, Keeping Score by Martha Teichner. Allan Menkin has more Oscars than anyone else alive. Fourth, Mo Rocca on Roger Corman and his B movies. King of the B's. Fifth, Mary Peterson on Wings. Sixth, Anthony Mason. Headlines: Two Americans murdered in Kabul. Mandy Clark covers the story on the Koran burning. All NATO advisors have been pulled back. Syrians voting on a constitutional amendment. Polling in Michigan. Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital. Bin Laden compound being destroyed. Adam Sandler up for Razzy awards. Midweek rain in northeast.

fans worried by "the end" of the movie theater. Paul Degarabedian for The economy is a factor. In 1946, the best year for movies: 60% of Americans went to theaters every week. Sharon Waxman runs The Wrap. Malco Theater. Joe Picarillo of NYU's Tisch School. Profit and successful box office, not good movies, drives Hollywood. There were only two 400 million dollar movies in 2011. What end's up in theaters is dictated by international sales. Words are not as important as visuals. Right now, theater receipts are up over 18% over same time last year.

Almanac. February 26, 1916. John Herbert Gleason born in Brooklyn, New York. In early 1950s, Jackie Gleason show on Saturdays on CBS. The Honeymooners. Clip from 1984 "Sixty Minutes" interview with Morley Safer. Movie "The Hustler". ?Requiem for a Heavyweight" as Maish Rennick (1962). Statue of Ralph Cramden in front of the Port Authority in New York City.

Silence is Golden. First Oscar winner. Wings in 1927 by Paramount. William Wellman was director. I'm going to do this right. Stars had to fly planes themselves, risking their lives for the shot. Jesse Lasky asked what qualified Wellman for the job. Clara Bow was in Wings. The issue of the belt on Bow's uniform. Gary Cooper had one scene in Wings as "Cadet White." The nitrate stock of the movie decomposed. Andrea Callas film archivist. A backup print made in 1950s. The makers of Top Gun studied dogfight scenes from Wings.

A Whole New World from Aladdin. Keeping score with the music. Alan Menken wrote the music for Little Mermaid. Won first two Oscars for Menken. Then Beauty and the Beast. Then Aladdin. Then Colors of the Wind from Pocohontas. Music for animated musicals. From a family of dentists. Little Shop of Horrors. In movie version, Steve Martin is a dentist. Howard Ashman did the lyrics. Original musical theater brought back into film. Infectious, vulnerable, unguarded, childlike. Best for Hunchback of Notre Dame. His latest is for Mirror, Mirror. Julia Roberts as evil queen. Menken's has a synthesizer hooked up to a computer program. Country compound north of New York City. Tortorium, environment for tortoises. Petunia. Songs for Leap of Faith, to be on Broadway. Sister Act. Turning movies into Broadway musicals. Newsies. You have created something that is real.

David Edelstein gives his Oscar picks. Best picture: The Artist. Edelstein's favorite movie is War Horse, but Dave says won't win.
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin Best supporting actor: Christopher Plummer. Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer from The Help. Best Actress: Viola Davis over Meryl Streep?

Anthony Mason, what's black and white and all over the red carpet? The tuxedo. Where did it come from? Tuxedo Park, New York of the 1880s. 150th anniversary of the dinner jacket. Saville Row. Henry Poole & Company. 1865 Prince of Wales ordered a smoking jacket. Edward Prince of Wales. Make a short jacket for Edward. Records of every order at Poole since 1846. A blue silk smoking jacket lined silk was ordered in 1865. Deborah Harman. Pierre Lorillard founded Tuxedo Park. "The men from tuxedo." The lavendar monaco; the orange crush. Now, black is back. Angus Cundee on the dinner jacket. The tuxedo as an American invention? The Brits created it; Americans gave it a name.

Lee Cowan on extras in movies (from Central Casting). Cinematic wallflowers. Jennifer Bender is a VP at Central Casting.
Central Casting has been around since 1925. Cecil B. DeMille was a customer. MoneyBall had thousands of extras. Brad Pitt got his start in Central Casting. John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, too. Summer Wesson. Jessie Hyman, world's greatest extra: Glee, the Social Network. Embrace the humility. Person who sat behind Travolta in Welcome Back, Kotter. "The cross."
Yvonne Lavolette. A Hollywood Badge of Honor.

War of the Satellites by Roger Corman. Mo Rocca tracks Corman down. Attack of the Fifty Foot Cheerleader. Corman has directed about 59 movies; produced around 350. Corman shot Machine Gun Kelly in 15 days. Charles Bronson was in the movie. Used shadows of people in bank robbery. Corman was in Navy for two years; Corman's duty to break rules. Not of this Earth. The Cry Baby Killer. Teen age crime. Piranha. Fly Me. Exploitation movies. The Arena. Cover Girl Models. The Big Bird Cage. The Big Doll House. The Beast with a Million Eyes. Schlock-Meister. War of the Satellites. Little Shop of Horrors, with Jack Nicholson. Francis Coppola. Fire on the Amazon with Sandra Bulloch. Not of This Earth. In 2009, Corman got a lifetime achievement Oscar. Corman as the cool but slightly weird teacher.

Best animated short film. La Luna. Landscape of fallen stars. Wild Life. An English dandy as a pioneer in the Old West. Fantastic Flying Books.

Pulse: 52% say Oscar nod does NOT influence choice of movie [!]

Steve Hartman's story on "Home Run" about things he have saved at his home. His wife Andrea. This story is recycled from CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Got Toledo Mud Hens Jersey 26 in 1986: Billy Beane. He really changed the entire philosphy of the game (baseball). Dennis the Menace paper plates.

Next week. Cindy Crawford.

Moment of Nature. HandiHaler. Snowstorm at Yosemite National Park. The Park is a veteran of more than 70 films.


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