Sunday, February 19, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on February 19, 2012.

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for February 19, 2012. Tomorrow is President's Day. And remembering the golden age of air travel. Cover story by Barry Peterson. Boeing 787. Second, Going Hollywood by Rita Braver. Third, Peter Frampton by F. Lee Mason. Fourth, Hail to the Chiefs, by Mo Rocca. Jacky Kennedy's White House Tour. Headlines: Iran appears to be following through; won't sell crude to France or Great Britain. Gas is $3.53 per gallon. Whitney Houston to be buried today. Elaine Quijano.
Maryland House of Delegates approved same sex marriage. Elizabeth Smart has married in Hawaii yesterday. Weather: stormy in southeast.

The Boeing Stratoliner was iconic. Now, the Dreamliner. Recapture the magic that flying really is. ANA, All Nippon Airways. Bigger windows make cabin more airy. Fuselage: carbon-fiber re-enforced plastic. 30 billion dollar development cost? Concept of hub-buster. Denver is wooing ANA to fly direct flights to Denver. $100 million economic impact. Airbus A350 under development, with over 600 orders. In next 20 years, 7300 such jets needed. 787 changes interior colors, eg sunrise. That sense of being a pampered passenger.

Almanac. February 19, 1942. German troops appeared to invade Winnipeg. Demonstration to show what life would be like if Germans won. Mock attack.

Funeral services for Whitney Houston in Newark, New Jersey on February 18, 2012. Dionne Warwick: don't grieve for me because now I'm free.

Hail to three presidents, done by Mo Rocca, starting with William Henry Harrison. Wife never made it into the White Office. Campaign of 1840. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too. Log cabin and hard cider. Harrison was born in a plantation in Virginia. 80% of eligible voters turned out. Average life expectancy at time 39 years.

Steve Hartman on story of a grandson Noah. Steven's Point, Wisconsin. There are no foster homes for foster parents. Noah made a webpage to get $10,000 his grandmother needed to avoid foreclosure. Restored faith in family, community. Noah LeMade, what America really is.

Jackie Kennedy's tour by Tracy Smith. August 24, 1814: burning. George Kaplan. Benjamin LaTrobe. In 1829, North Portico.
Charles Dickens: English clubhouse. The public shabby-house. Jan. 1, 1898: New Year's Day was open house. South Lawn: green houses. In 1924, Mrs. Coolidge re-did the interior. The building is standing up by force of habit. Truman added balcony on south portico. Jackie was 32 at time of tour. Jacky spent 1.5 million on furniture. Correspondent Charles Collingwood. Enigmatic first lady. People discovered substantive side. Perry Wolf produced tour show for CBS. More than 50 million people tuned in. Jacky got Emmy for her tour; she asked Lady Bird Johnson to accept it. Jacky created position of White House curator.
The Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington. The Red Room.

Feb. 19, 2012. the 500th episode of The Simpsons. Over 22 years. Ideas aren't good or bad, they are just free. Julian Assange

Hail to the Chiefs. Sherwood Forest, the plantation of John Tyler. Tyler's grandson, Harrison, is alive and interviewed by Mo Rocca. Harrison's father born in 1853. He was 73 when Harrison born. On his death, John Tyler was member of Confederate Congress.

Peter Frampton is subject of Sunday Profile, done by Anthony Mason. Frampton Comes Alive. At the time, biggest selling live album, ever. Earlier, his guitar was lost and Frampton lost his mojo. Frampton lives in Cincinnati. In 1976, formerly of Humble Pie. He was 25 when album took off. Ringo came to show in LA. Was in movie Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in 70s. Then, "The Lean Years." In 1987, David Bowie asked him to tour. A musician's career lasts a lifetime. Gary's Classic Guitars in Cincinnati. Gibson Les Paul lost in 1980. Caracas, Venezuela. Curacao. Last night, in Beacon Theater, guitar and artist reunited in concert.

Movie Props, by Rita Braver. The Artist: Look and feel of late 1920's. "History for Hire," in North Hollywood. 33,000 square foot facility, with over 100,000 props. Lawrence Bennett of The Artist. We're trying to take the viewer on a trip. MovieMistakes. BraveHeart on kilts. Taylor Hackford, Ray Charles. Wrap around sunglasses: trademark of Ray Charles. People get most of their history lessons from movies and tv.

Hail to the Chiefs. Warren G. Harding. Dog: Laddie Boy. Marion, Ohio. Al Jolson played Harding's porch. Harding is only present elected on his birthday. Size 12 feet.

Next week on Sunday Morning: off to the Oscars.

Moment of Nature. HandiHaler. Washington State's Skagit Valley, home to bald eagle. See Skagit River Bald Eagle Awareness Team (SRBEAT).


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