Sunday, February 12, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on February 12, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for February 12, 2012. Osgood began with the death of Whitney Houston. Bill Whitaker did a story on Houston. Next, "power play" by John Blackstone, the cover story for February 12. Internet. Third, King Peggy, by Seth Doane. Fourth, Anthony Mason on Glen Campbell. Rita Braver on online matchmaking. Lee Cowan. Bill Geist. Headlines: Whitney Houston found dead in Hilton. She was 48. Mitt Romney won the Maine caucuses. Obama's 2013 budget. Government troops advanced in Syria. Iran marked anniversary of Islamic revolution. Phantom of Opera, 10,000th performance. Weather: weak ahead mild after cold and rainy start.

Whitney Houston was found dead in Beverly Hills on the eve of the Grammys. Her voice infused with gospel and grace. Discovered by Clive Davis. Dionne Warwick presented her the first of her six Grammys. Divorced from Brown in 2007. Tonight the Grammys will pay tribute to Whitney Houston.

The internet is changing political and corporate behavior. Arab Spring. Now, videoclips from Syria. Bank of America on $5 monthly fee. 22 year old Molly who worked for a nonprofit challenged. Clip on On-line petition signed by 300,000.
On Thursday, a petition to Apple demanded better treatment for Chinese workers. Clip from CNET. Logo for GAP, The flap on Stop Online Piracy. Jay Welsh. Mention of Twitter; Dick Costelo. Japan Earthquake. SuperBowl 46. Embrace what's happening on Twitter. Molly: I'm excited to help conquer it.

Almanac. Feb. 12, 1973. Ohio installed highway signs that included kilometers. Metric system. In 1975, the US metric board.
Metric Leisure Clock: 100 hours to the day. US Metric Board abolished in 1982. Mars orbiter crashed; Lockheed Martin used English systems. Liberia and Burma and the US are the only countries who have not gone metric.

Valentine's Day. Something Old; Something New by Rita Braver. Kristen Laffler and boyfriend Tim met on online dating site. Tangray at At, there is feedback based on contacts actually made. Mandy Ginsburg noted the new algorithm produced two fold increase. Eli Finkle at Northwestern: it may be luck that sparks the relationship. Clip of Hello Dolly. Matchmaker. Anne Lloyd (now 79) of Washington, DC. She charges $1000 for a year of service. "I can't help stupid people."

Pulse poll, love at first sight? yes 48%; no 49%.

King Peggy by Seth Doane. Peggielene Bartels Was an employee of the Embassy of Ghana. Peggy's name was on a long list.
Spirits of her ancestors selected her. Kingdom of 7000. Owned a one bedroom condo in Silver Spring. Phone call in 2008.
King of Otuam, a fishing village on the coast of Ghana. Her uncle had been king. There was widespread corruption in the fishing industry. King Peggy regulated the fishing industry. Issue of clean water. Author Eleanor Herman. Return of the King in a Washington magazine. A book is to be released later this month. Donated money for well. Suburban DC Shiloh Baptist Church donated money for second water well. A king on a mission, and I have to accomplish my mission.

Bill Flanagan of MTV on musical legacy of Whitney Houston. Subject of enormous expectations. Her voice contained gospel and soul and rock and pop. Let's ignore the gospel press and media. Her memory, like her love, belongs to her family.

Actress Kate Walsh. Just the Formula by Lee Cowan. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Addison Montgomery. The Grateful Dead in a jar. Re-create the smell of ex-boyfriend. In 2010, a fragrance called Boyfriend. It sold out on Home Shopping Network. Now, billionaire boyfriend. Started as cashier at BurgerKing; fired for having a runny nose. First tv on Drew Carey Show.

Glen Campbell will get a lifetime achievement award at Grammys. Anthony Mason does Sunday Profile on Glen Campbell. Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, Illinois. Campbell, now 75, was diagnosed with Alzheimers last year. If you do it perfect, they will want it that way all the time. The Wrecking Crew. Strangers in the Night; I'm a Believer; Beach Boys. Filled in for Brian Wilson. 1967: By the time I get to Phoenix. Replacement host for Smothers Brothers. Glen Campbell Good Time Hour. Role in True Grit. 1975: Rhinestone Cowboy. Affair with Tanya Tucker. Kim met him in 1981. Ghost on the Campus.

Opinion. Connoer Knight. Only 1 winner of last 22 seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette ended up in an actual marriage. Who's more deluded: the contestants or the fans. Shows remarkable in producing contestants. Maybe this one could be the one.

Westminster Dog Show. Bill Geist on last year's winner, Hickory, the deerhound. Cecillia and Scott Dove, the owners. Something to do every weekend for four months. Angie Lloyd is Hickory's handler. Scottish deerhound crossing.

Moment of nature. Dulcolax. Sierra Diablo Mountains near El Paso.
See link Sierra Diablo Mountains


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