Sunday, February 12, 2012

CBS "60 Minutes" on February 12, 2012

Fraud in medical research at Duke University . Match a patient's tumor to the best drug via genetic screening. The discovery was not just a failure but a fraud. Anil Potti was featured in commercials. 112 patients signed up for the revolutionary therapy. Dr. Potti was in the lab of Dr. Nevins. Papers in JAMA, Nature Medicine, and Lancet. Kevin Combs and Baggerly at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Nevins and Potti applied for patents. The Anderson people suspected patients were getting the worst drugs, not the best drugs for treatment. Then workers at the National Cancer Institute also had problem. Juliet and Walter Jacobs sat down with Dr. Potti and were told the chances of finding the right drug were 80%. Then, Paul Goldberg of "The Cancer Letter." The issue of Dr. Potti's Rhode Scholarship. Stretch of the truth. Nevins: I wanted to believe that someone I trusted, was who I thought they were. Joseph Nevins then reviewed the data. Nevins found there was a manipulation of the data. Nevins said it was abundantly clear that the data were manipulated. Duke University agreed for 60 Minutes to tell the story. The scientific papers were retracted. It was not the money that was the driver, but the opportunity to help people [?] Juliet Jacobs died, and her estate has filed suit. Mr. Jacobs was quoted at the end of the story.

As to the patent angle, note published US application 20100279957 , titled PREDICTING RESPONSIVENESS TO CANCER THERAPEUTICS inventors Potti; Anil; (Chapel Hill, NC) ; Nevins; Joseph R.; (Chapel Hill, NC) ; Lancaster; Johnathan M.; (Tampa, FL) , prosecuting firm MICHAEL BEST & FRIEDRICH LLP . As to support:This invention was made with government support under NCI-U54 CA112952-02 and ROI-CA106520 awarded by the National Cancer Institute. The case was docketed to the examiner 09-13-2011.

The love for gold of India. A wedding in India with $200,000 spent on gold. In India, it is not about the bride and the groom.
There are 10 million weddings in India each year. 60 Minutes talked about one wedding. The gold will show off the prosperity of the family. I am new to the house, but I will be taken seriously (with the gold). There are 1.2 billion people in India, which has the sixth largest economy. Gold is a part of life in India. A bazaar in Mumbai has been the hub of the gold trade in India. Gold is considered sacred in India. The goddess Lochni. The demand for gold out of India is fundamental to the gold industry.
Indian households save about 30% of their income. Gold as an investment.

There was mention of the death of Whitney Houston, prior to introducing the story on Adele.

The year of Adele. An amazing, powerful voice. She had a polyp in her vocal cords, which ruptured. Her debut album came out in 2008 and earned two Grammys. Got a job at "Rough Trade."

**Followup on 60 Minutes story on Congressional Insider Trading, the House and Senate passed the Stock Act.


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