Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“Theatre Tricks” on Law & Order SVU on 11 Jan 2012

The episode “Theatre Tricks” involves a judge who has some odd predilections, and who seemingly gets set up by a disgruntled former party (bad divorce outcome). In fact, the judge is just collateral damage in a plot by an actress who didn't get a part.

Sex from the "Sugar BabyZ" website: quick, rough, and public. The judge had sex in a public theater, at the (seeming) invitation of the woman (Megan). Ingenue seeking patron: did she solicit? But, someone hijacked the victim's email account, and the woman Megan was not a willing participant. Attention shifts to Ted Scott, the play director, who asserts he is being set up.

The judge noted the situation is Kafka-esque. The judge gets to disclose all his previous Sugar BabyZ to the police. The judge leaves his iPad with the police. Megan's roommate, Holly Schneider, is a past Baby of judge Crane, and the real culprit who set up the judge and tried to focus blame on the director. All because she didn't get a part.

Holly to Megan: "I wanted you to know what if felt like to be dirty and used."

The man behind the old AFLAC voice appears. [As an aside, Lex Luther, macaw, now says "AFLAC sucks."]


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